Teddy Bears,Lions,Hearts….Oh My!!! {Bake 2day Craft 2morrow}

Was going to finish the wall plaque & did work on some in morning.So far it’s looking good & was hoping to have up to post,but my son wanted Teddy Bear candy.I had made Teddy Bear candies along w/ Cake Balls/Cupcake Bites/hearts.I made 6 of these Teddy Bears,but only 3 remained after the others broke apart =( I didn’t think they would be hit,but my son loved them! I did promise make more at some point! So, he wanted some candy & made him some.He was right next to me watching,waiting for them to be done.I decided to add other anaimals/shapes to mix,they were a hit! I plan make more,but MUST finish this wall palque =0)