My Etsy Makeover : [Photo] Challenge

EMakeover[photo] Challenge-Tips/tricks for better Photo’s
I’m fairly new w/ whole selling on Etsy & i’m enjoying it.I have come across really great fans as well other Etsy seller w/ great shops.
I have became memeber of Etsykids,which great site for memebers.Their was discussion about reviwing others shops & being curious to see what others would about mine i added.
I’ll admit i was nervous to found what others would think! It’s not easy hearing anything negitive,but sometimes & here in my case was helpful!
Everything other memebers/sellers said were on my photo’s,which needed more pics of different angels & less border.
I didn’t think much about my photo’s for my shop,figured as long as their pic no biggie.
I was wrong & after peaking through other shops couldn’t be more wrong!
I got alot helpful advice,but the one stood out for one memeber
“Post pictures that make shopper feel like they have picked up your ite,felt it,turned it around,and have seen it from all angles just like in person”
Why that stands out to me cause makes sense when selling something.What do you do when at store & see something really like, look at from every angle,feel it,etc.
Oh course i didn’t realize that for myself till bought to my attention!
When you look at it that way becomes clear one pic in your shop or wherever selling at is to have more pics.
I did get about less border/ more natural light/modeling the items all which are fixable to do or atleast i hope so!
I’m by far no photographer,shoot & done is how it is for me,but might have to be alittle bit for better shop/selling pics.
~These could help w/ ebay~
Now, after comparing my pics w/ others their is improve i should work on.
So,i decided to give myself [photo]challenge something could work w/ my items now as well new,giving before/after photos w/ different lighting/props/angles/model.
I’m eager to try this out myself & see what happens! I might as well work my camera the way it should be.
I’m thinking some creativity,but not overpowering*finger crossed* my ideas will work.
This site helped better understanding for better photo’s

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