{DIY} Owl Wall Art~Tutorial~

This super easy wall art that i created I wanted to make something different & very cute.I thought owls since they seem be popular & really good choice.After much thinking of how want the idea in head to look like or would it really work out,lol.I went w/ it & turned out perfectly.


*Wood Plaque
*Fabric Scirrors
*Owl Template
*Mod Podge
~You can use any style fabric or scraps you have on hand.The wood plaque can be any size as well,but i would recommend a smaller one like 5.1 inX7.2 in~
You wanna start painting the wood plaque w/ acrylic paint of any color you may like.Make sure the paint is completey dry before continue.Once the paint is dry trace your owl template on fabric,cut w/ fabric scirrors.Take your needle thread and sew along wings,eyes & nose***DON’T SEW IT TO THE BODY*** Now, that sew part is done & pretty easy right!?! You can take some mod podge and build your owl together using buttons for eyes.If you never used mod podge don’t worry it dries clear. You are done!!!! 

This pretty easy project w/ few simple supplies tha tmay have laying around already.
You add some ribbon for hanging or w/ just hook.You even get creative add any extras you may like.Be creative!!!
-Please note you welcome to use my tutorial make sure mention my link-

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