My Sweetiest Treats: Sno Cap Candies

I recently posted my NEW Candies,super easy an so yummy! Will trying these out again ^——^

My Sweetiest Treats: Sno Cap Candies: I finally had a chance to make my own Sno Cap Candies wanted to,but w/ hurricane Irene coming for visit i was pretty sure it be awhile to ma…


Sno Cap Candies

I finally had a chance to make my own Sno Cap Candies wanted to,but w/ hurricane Irene coming for visit i was pretty sure it be awhile to make.
Well, we did loss power,nothing like i  thought an by last night we had it back. Of course,their are still w/ out power an maybe longer for it get back on. So, i took advantage of having power back on to make these,before it might go out again.
It is one EASIEST candies to make and w/ little more work at the shaping it just right for my liking i will be making many more.
When shaping the chocolate i went back an forth on what to use to get right shape,went w/ zip lock bag cut at the end.
Will say w/ using the zip lock bag that if  hole is a little too big it will create over flowing chocolate, which happen in my case an shape can get un even.
I found what work even using teaspoon and w/ founding that out will try as well other Holiday theme

However, even w/ shape they still came out good. I will be improving on these yummy treats,cause they are just my FAV candy

Fabric+Gluber= Rose{ Fav product}

I found this AWESOME product while ordering some t-shirts for birthday party

Now, on to my fav product Gluber. It is glu adhesive that will help you create fabric rose’s that are simple,easy and fun.You can use these flowers for just about anything from scrapbooking,jewelry,frames,purses,hair accessories,etc. Since have already tried making tulle/fabric roses before using hot-glue an sewing these make it less burning of fingers as well time consuming. So, once got these i was eager try it it out! The instruction are simple w/ easy steps found on back.

2” Gluber,2”x 24”  strip of fabric,bling if desired

STEP 1- Make a knot on one end of your fabric

STEP 2- Press knot in center of Gluber

STEP 3- Twist fabric and press fabric in spiral of  Gluber

STEP 4 –Cut excess fabric and press short tail to backside of Gluber

STEP 5- Trim any showing Gluber w/ scissors

STEP 6- Embellish Rose as desired

STEP 7 –  Peel and stick Rolled Rose to any project

Here my flower i made from Gluber,but didn’t add any embellishment to it. I have to say it’s just as easy an simple as they say,will be making alot  more.

*Helpful Tip* If wanna use these flowers for Hair Accessories all need  to use felt on Gluber backing,add desired clip

Fabric Flip Flops

I know, summer is ending so why post about flip flops,but once you make your own you’ll just love!  Found this tutorial and had try these out on pair old flip flops that needed a makeover  lol. I made mine months ago after founding tutorial an while wearing them  realized should share. I love flip flops or anything that doesn’t have heel hehe If  weather premitted here  i would wear them all year.These now new favorite and super easy.I change my mine a bit from tutorial,i added a crocheted flower in middle. Even if change it or keep same style you have love the creativeness and how cute they are!

You can found tutorial here:

Acorn Candy or Cookie

A little Autumn treat from my favorite magazine~ ~ When saw these had to make them,just look too cute pass up.They were super easy an fun to make and they big hit w/ son,but he only eat chocolate part lol. The only thing i didn’t have on hand was pretzel for top stem,but all in all they looked and came out awesome.It makes excited for the cool fall weather that coming

All you need to make is
*Hersey kisses
*mini wafers cookies
*Frosting (or what i used work great was peanut butter)

Place some frosting(flat side down) or peanut butter on cookie,Hersey Kiss and pretzel.

Here how mine came out =D

New Treats-Sno cap Candy-Idea

I love all candy,but 1 favorite is Sno caps they just simple candy that’s just good.It’s a shame I ran out of them 😦 lol After eating them was wondering if I could them myself.DId some web searching an didn’t found one,so i’m currently working on a “How-To make sno caps candies”.I’m very sure this will be EASY EASY and it is! Can’t wait to share this! Wil try my hands at some other candy an that might have to wait,but stay tuned this one 🙂

Delicious Dish-(Honey mustard pork chops)-Recipe

Not a dessert but I was on quest to make something different w/pork chops other then way do,which is good but we can use a change.I’m not big on cooking to begin w/ but feels good when I do lol.I found the most easiest recipe for honey mustard pork chops,compared to others I saw an didn’t much of ingredients they were calling for. This recipe also sounded really yummy an had to make it! The reviews it received was good as well.I love honey mustard to begin w/ as long as it bitter tasting kind.This recipe is awesome if your looking for change w/pork chops an like honey mustard! When i made it didn’t pic show how mine came,but for the most part it came out like photo on link Here
Let me know how yours comes out an enjoy!