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New post for Sept =) almost forgot to add one,but I’m going to know.
Have added custom order listing into shop  section w/ all custom order items  wanted  to separate available items i do have already.
I didn’t want to confuse customers viewing,not knowing which is what.
I’m also doing project for son’s room,making his own chalkboard w/ holder.
What do you do w/ Lg frame? That needs to be doing  something besides taking room up doing nothing lol.
I’ll post when that is complete w/ tutorial 😉
  I  will  admit an super happy about have  1st custom order for 2 bow holders and working on them,should be done Sunday.
I’m so so  so excited!
I’m also kinda nervous though,I’m sure normal feeling to have,wanting everything be perfect.
Well, hope it is lol!
I posted sneak peek on fb page to what will be in shop come 2012.
I will adding some nursing pillows in ALL fabrics
.I just loved those nursing pillows when had my little guy,such handy thing to have even if  not nursing though they are.
I can’t wait to add them so stayed tuned to them once added they will available to buy then will add custom order ones.

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