Make Your Own Iron-on={FAV Product #2}

Had to  share my fav product #2  that i recently got an so much love!
What great product all in all!
Found in magazine a site seicrafts that has awesome iron-on,tie dye & paper crafts.
Haven’t tried the other items they have yet,but did w/ “My Own Iron-on art”.
Did mention they shipping is super speedy? Well,they shipped this out very fast an no  i did normal delivery time on it!

Well, i got the Cool Curt Iron-on Monster & Sassy Susie Iron-on Monster(Yes, got 2 couldn’t help it haha) an basically you add any features you want ,it’s super cute and took me no time at all create really neat shirt for my little monster.
I added just  a little features to mine didn’t want over do it,but add as much as you like to yours
I will say makes  a great craft to do w/  the kids,when  it’s raining day,winter time hit or summer break.

So,hurry check it yourself,they have really neat things!

Here’s how my shirt came out & even w/ a little features i used it still came out really cute


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