Back 2 School {Apple Cupcakes}

I made these after seeing them on some website and had try them myself.They say Apple  a day keeps doctor away,but don’t think it for cupcakes.These are fitting w/ school back section as well fall approaching.But, i also wanted make these for son’s starting his 1st day of preschool on Thursday,how time flies! Yes, i balled my eye’s out seeing on bus lol. I used making the cupcake w/ box cake mix and store frosting.If  feeling like going all out and going from scratch some then some recipes below could help. However way you make cupcakes is all still  all yummy! I would say one thing after baking decorating them that the  wrapper didn’t work and i just removed them,would recommend doing that if in my reason  you didn’t add enough or too much batter.

Cupcake{Vanilla} Mix Recipe

Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Recipe


One thought on “Back 2 School {Apple Cupcakes}

  1. Johannah-ALHPlace says:

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    Apple Cupcakes for after #BACKTOSCHOOL treat. It still perfect if they already started school too =)

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