Monster Hat 2 Shirt Detail -Tutorial Tuesday

This hat was always favorite of mine & knew my son would wear it  at some point. On Bubba’s 1st Halloween 2007
(month old) He was Monster,he wore the hat Green footie Pj’s.I have say  he made such cute Monster! Since then kept this hat,like his 1st Hospital pic & coming home outfits. I knew he would never wear it nor fit into this hat,but couldn’t part w/ it. But don’t like parting w/ anything even if i will NEVER use it  again lol.
After founding this closet and remembering him wearing it & thought maybe he could wear it again just on shirt. After thinking about i came up w/ this

*Shirt(any color)
*Needle & Thread

I cut the hat apart,then used the back of hat as the bottom half of Monster’s face( you don’t to use other half the hat if don’t want to) I traced & cut  from felt teeth,sewn them.Then used  the Heat -N-Bond ALL  together to the shirt . You can sew together if don’t want use the bond or both

Here how the shirt looks completed and love it! Now,Bubba can wear the hat again 4 years later just on shirt =)

 This can also work for any hat you may have laying around that you can create your own face to it.


Cookies on a Stick

I made these an they were hit! Who doesn’t love cookies an on stick makes the perfect treat for little ones,right?
They were great dessert after very delicious dinner made by my man 
My son loved these too much,so much that had to tell him no more.
I know, I’m mean Haha!
 Seriously,if let him go they would have been gone in one night!
Can’t blame him though they were yummy.
As you can see they are Halloween,but can’t wait to add some holidays to these


It seems as though my challenge is going to have  come to hold =( This might worked if my timing was better and the fact blogger seemed messing up on me w/ posting.Surprise it working now and  same time very happy! I might look for another blog site,but that seems undecided at this moment. Maybe next year i will able to complete this  w/ better timing w/out appointments and what not.
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ChipBoard Buttons/Image Magnets

I almost forgot to post an pic =P It figures when challenge myself i’ll some forget! But here is what decided to make…magnets! They come in handy an your like who doesn’t have any or think buy any,you can make your own. The steps are really easy i just use supplies i already had. I decided since we are month of October to show  some Halloween cheer. Hope you like!

What You’ll Need

*Chipboard Buttons
*Adhesive Magnet Strap
*Bottle Cap Images
*Epoxy Dots

STEP 1. Remove the holes from the chipboard;Place Epoxy dot over pressing hard.

 STEP 2.  Cut the magnet to size;remove backing & stick.

A quick tip about adhesive magnet is  that you should glue it,since the sticky part would not  hold  very well an you’ll end up w/ magnets on the floor.

Green Cleaning

I’m fan of Green cleaning products or doing my own which i found to be just better then those chemicals products.  I’ll admit have bought those before and found the smell to some of  them nose bothering an feel they bother me then they would w/ my son.But you can found Green products in stores worth a try an these 3 I like. You also check their sites to see they offer coupons or other deals.

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If your wanting to try make your products here’s list below that could help
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DIY Cleaner Basic Ingredients

If you’re starting a DIY green cleaners  recipes you find below!
• Baking Soda
• White Vinegar
• Hydrogen peroxide
• Borax
• Essential oils, like tea tree oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, or lemongrass oil
• Castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s)
• Fresh herbs, citrus, or citrus peels
• Olive or vegetable oil
• Water

 Make Your Own Bathroom Cleaners

Your Own Kitchen Cleaners 


Deep Green Clean Your Carpets

6 Ways To Green Clean Your Couch Upholstery


These are couple i found that wanted to share,but are alot others that you might want to checkout.

Upcycle | Sundress 2 handbag {DIY} Tutorial


This  is best tutorial i have to share,cause you just might have sundress laying around that use new life.I did! There is nothing better then upcycle your old stuff to recreate something new. What way reuse! It was cute dress i had,but was too short to wear at bottom unless w/ leggings so instead of throwing it out i kept it.Why? I wasn’t sure why would keep it,but glad i did  so able make very super cute handbag.Like i need anymore?! But yes i do! A woman can never have enough and no maoney needed to spend  =D

Are you ready?

What you need-
*Sewing machine
*fabric scissors

How easy is that?! Here’s what your purse will look like folllowing the tutorial

great blog & here is

sundress-upcycle-to-shoulder-bag TUTORIAL
I followed ALL STEPS in this tutorial w/ mine,but had to change my a bit w/ having extra fabric on dress so  you  tie in the back,i just removed it all together since the straps were very worn out an ripped.

Here’s my change w/ tutorial-

*I cut and REMOVED the two top parts of the dress and straps,but threw them away

*I then use the extra that fabric what would be to tie in back as my handles  by sewing them inside the bag and knotted the top

& here my finished bag!

I still think came out cute even if i had change the tutorial a bit cause my dress,but don’t be afraid to do so. I do plan make more these bags just w/ tank top which even cute idea.I love the reusing in crafts  alot better then just throwing away you could make something very cute.