10 Reason Why You Should Be Using Pinterest For Your Business

I love Pinterest  great reason to use Pinterest to get some attention to your shop

(1) Pinterest is a visual platform.Receiving great exposure for your products and services.

(2) Pinterest has lots of visitors a month. And by lots I mean LOTS!
That’s a lot of potential customers

(3) You can add prices to your pins. Simply put the price in your comment (i.e $30) and it will come up in a banner across the corner of your pin. Awesome for promoting products by creating  different boards by category.

(4) You have LINKS!!!  Every pin back to its original source, and they are followed links at that. Not only will you be getting link juice left right and center from any pins from your site, you could seriously increase  the traffic!

(5) What is your target customer base? A quick look at the user base shows it is mainly women at the current time that are making use of Pinterest. A way to target new customers.

(6) Looking at the boards that people create,These types of projects are often where people make their biggest purchases so if you can get your products out to these people it could definitely increase sales.

(7) Are you a smaller retail company without the budget to compete with the big boys? The beauty of Pinterest is the scope to discover new and exciting products and websites, a brilliant way to showcase your merchandise without having to spend a penny.

(8) Pinterest has a real community feel to it. For a business looking to showcase their products and engage with their customers this is a perfect platform.

(9) The Pin It bookmarklet from Pinterest is a great little tool. On any site, if you spot an image you like you can pin it quickly and easily. If your site has some interesting and pretty visuals then someone may very well pop it on their boards. And easy link and promotion for your company with very little work on your part. You can also get a button to include on your site to encourage people to pin.

(10) Pins are often repinned, the most I have seen is over 4000 times! Every time a pin is repinned you get an extra link to your site and your product will be all over the pages of anyone that follows those boards.

Pinterest For Ecommerce Business

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