Happy Valentine’s Day

                    100 Clever Valentine Day Sayings

                             You can creative w/ these great ideas

1. Stick with me, Valentine                                       pixie sticks
2. You’re the bomb                                                   wrap rolos in red construction paper
3. Don’t ever change valentine                                 bag of chocolate coins
4. Have a super Valentines Day                                sucker decorated like a super hero
5. I “chews” you as my Valentine                              gum
6. We’re mint to be                                                    mints
7. You’re a great catch                                              Swedish fish
8. You’re extra special to me                                     Extra gum
9. Happy Valentine, toots!                                         Tootsie rolls
10. You rock, valentine                                              pop rocks, rock candy
11. You krack me up                                                  krackel mini chocolate bars
12. I like the way you roll                                           rolos
13. Happy valentines Day to all my peeps               Peeps
14. Thanks for making me snicker                             snickers
15. You’re outta this world                                        orbit gum
16. I’m crazy for you                                                  sour punch straws
17. B Mine                                                                  Butterfinger
18. You’re sweet                                                        any candy
19. You’re as cute as  a button                                  button candy
20. We’re 2 of a kind                                                  2 of any candy
21. You stole a piece of my hear                               reeses pieces
22. It’s a joy being your firend                                  almond joy
23. I’m bursting with happiness that you’re my friend star bursts
Snack Food
24. You’re a great catch                                             gold fish
25. I like you beary much                                           teddy grahams
26. Everyday I like you s’more                                   smores
27. You’re the apple of my eye                                  apple jacks
28. I’m lucky to have you                                            lucky charms cereal
29. You crack me up                                                  cracker jacks
30. You’re so much fun                                              funyun chips
31. Ahoy Matey, be my valentine                              chips ahoys
32. You’re cool                                                           ice cream, popsicles
33. Will you o’fishally be my valentine?                     Gold fish
34. I love you a hole bunch                                         Donut Holes
35. We stick together like PB&J                        PB&J Sandwiches

36. I’ve got a crush on you                                        crush soda
37. You’re kool                                                           kool aid
38. I love everything you dew                                    mountain dew
39. You’re the apple of my eye                                 apple juice boxes
40. You melt my heart                                                hot chocolate and marshmallows
41. I soda think you are amazing                              soda
Healthy Food
42. I like you berry much                                           strawberries, blueberries
43. I go bananas over you                                         banana
44. Orange you glad you’re my valentine                 oranges
45. You’re plum perfect                                             plum
46. You’re the apple of my eye                                 apples
47. We make the perfect pear                                  pear
48. I’m nuts about you                                               almonds, peanuts
49. Spread the love                                                    peanut butter
50. To a pop-ular kid                                                  popcorn
51. Olive you                                                              olives
52. Don’t mean to be corny, but will you be my Valentine? corn nuts
53. My heart pops for you                                          Popcorn
School supplies
54. You rule, Valentine                                                ruler
55. You’re the highlight of my day!                            Highlighter
56. Let’s stick together                                              glue
57. You’re just write for me                                        pen, pencil
58. I wheelie like you                                                  matchbox car
59. 52 things I love about you                                    deck of cards
60. I’ve got my eye one you                                       Magnifying glass
61. You make my heart glow                                      glow sticks
62. Have a ball this Valentines                                    bouncy ball
63. You blow me away, Valentine                               bubbles
64. Love is a battlefield                                              GI Joe
65. I’m stuck on you                                                   stickers, tattoos
66. I’m wild about you                                                plastic zoo animal
67. You make my heart bounce                                  ball
68. I dig you                                                                shovel
69. Have a Dino-mite Valentines Day                        plastic dinosaur          
70. you’re sweet and I’m not lion                               plastic lion
Useful items
71. You mean the world to me                                   map, globe
72. Read my lips, Valentine…I’m yours                     chap stick, lip gloss
73. You’re a cut above the rest                                  cookie cutter
74. We’re the perfect pair                                           socks
75. I searched and found the best Valentine              search word book
76. I’ve got my eyes on you                                       google eyes
77. I’m crazy for you                                                  crazy straws
78. You’re sew special to me                                     sewing kit
79. I’m stuck on you                                                  Band-Aids
80. You’re as cute as a button                                   buttons
81. Can’t resist your pull                                            magnet
82. Our class would knot be the same without          friendship bracelet
83. We’re the perfect match                                       matches
84. You can count on me when things get sticky       handi wipes, antibacterial soap
85. I love you sew much                                             sewing kit
86. I was soapin’ you’d be my Valentine                    soap
87. You warm my heart                                               hot pad
Other clever/crafty ideas
88. Thumb body loves you                                        thumbprints
89. I mustache you a question?                                 Will you be my Valentine?
90. Stick with me, Valentine                                       painted twigs
91. You’re just my type                                              typewriter doodle
92. I love ewe                                                             sheep doodle
93. Owl be you’re friend forever                                owl doodle
94. You’re the obi-one for me                                    star wars
95. I’d love to hang out with you                               clothes pin
96. You’re outta this world                                        rocket ship
97. You’re a hoot                                                       owl doodle
98. You’re a deer to me                                             deer doodle
99. I think you’re a-maze-ing                                    maze
100. I’d pick you any day                                           flower



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