Stop The Bullying

 This personal post that want to share.I sure you all heard people talking about the movie Bully,if you haven’t the movie, which is to open on March 30, is a stark portrayal of bullying that crosses ethnic, socio-economic, and gender lines. It is a documentary that followed the lives of several pre-teens and teens who had been victims of bullying from 2009-2010. There has been interesting dialogue relative to the movie’s age-appropriate rating. There is controversy because of strong language and parts of the storyline focusing on teen suicide. While an R rating would preclude the majority of the target audience from seeing the film, ideally we would want adults to see this movie with their pre-teens and teens. The movie’s website has even provided a guide to help adults unpack the film with their teens.

                                             The official trailer to the movie

                                                    PLEASE WATCH


 My personal experience when i was kid was being called fat,ugly,big nose,big chin and sure many  other names. It did bother me at time but never made feel less then who i was or  do worse to myself and after while let bully know what  I thought of them. I will admit at one point it got physical w/ one bully i figure enough is enough.I don’t know if i  would recommend that since it’s NOT teaching anything. In high school one day in  the lunch line i watched kid picking on other kid.I’m watching it,everyone else just laughed,didn’t once say stop nothing.  How could you not? I decided to say something to end this cause wasn’t right. I’m pretty sure if remember my words weren’t too nice to the bully but how did like it. I later found out when went talk to his teacher  about what happened in lunch room that  boy being picked  on was Autistic. I was thanked for what i did but shouldn’t anyone that see something like say something. To me, if you do nothing your just as bad.   
I feel SHOULD STOP! What makes it worse is children are killing themeselves/killing others cause of this

…..Fast Forward
Being Mom now to a Preschooler and just started w/school i’m already nervous about whole  school bully’s. I hope  that he never experience it or in that  matter becomes a bullier himself to anyone.I’ve been teaching my son about not hurting others feelings and to not let anyone hurt his feelings ,control anger when upset by singing clam down song( thanks to Ni Hao Kai Lan). But also surprised to found great article   about  Bullies in preschool  and how to handle it  I guess when you think of bully like i did you think older kids,but surprise me younger children  are showing early  signs of it. I’ve been lucky to not have that w/ my son at this point.

I hope that kids go to school w/out being afraid to!

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April Foold Day Ideas for Kids

Looking for funny ideas for kids for April Fool Day.I want to share a couple ideas that are PERFECT and plain cute

A Micro Meal
  Micro MealTo generate big belly laughs, present your kids with this Lilliputian lunch. Line a small empty matchbox with foil or parchment paper (so that the food can actually be eaten, if desired). With a glue stick, attach a 2- by 4-inch piece of decorative paper around the exterior. For the handle, squeeze a drop of tacky glue onto each end of a 1-inch length of pipe cleaner and adhere it to one side of the box as shown. Finally, pack it with a teensy lunch.
SANDWICH With a sharp knife, cut little triangles of bread, lunch meat, and lettuce, then stack them.
DOUGHNUT Frost the top of an O-shaped cereal piece and sprinkle it with nonpareils.
CARROT Slice a bit of carrot into miniature carrot sticks.
 RAISINS Chop a raisin into tiny pieces.

The Colossal Popsicle
  Giant PopsicleSo your kid has a huge appetite for frozen treats? Wow him with a mutant ice pop that’s as big as his head. To make a simple version, remove the top from a 46-ounce can of juice, pour out a little of the juice (so it won’t overflow when it freezes), and insert a foot-long length of 1-inch wooden dowel. Place strips of masking tape across the can to hold the dowel in place, then place the can in the freezer overnight or until the juice is solid. To remove the pop, run the can under hot water to loosen it.
To make the fancy striped pop shown here, pour all but 12 ounces of juice out of the can. Secure the dowel in place and freeze the juice. Add 12 ounces of a contrasting-color juice and freeze. Freeze the third layer, then run the can under hot water to unmold the pop.
After the prank is played, chop up the pop and put the pieces in a blender or food processor to make delicious shaved ice (that can be served in reasonable-size portions!).
KOOL-AID and CUPCAKES for dinner?! Haha… NOPE!
Check out how this mom tricked her kiddos into thinking that jello was actually Kool-Aid and that cupcake… ground beef and mashed potatoes!
CANDY IN A FRUIT CAN! Your kiddo will be so surprised with this yummy treat.
CHICKEN NOT PIE? You’re kiddos won’t be expecting this one to be so sweet!

Surprise them with COLORED WATER! They won’t be expecting that one when they go to brush their teeth or wash their hands in the morning.

Are those french fries or CINNAMON-SUGAR STICKS?! Either way, your kids will LOVE them!

How about sending them to school with this GAG LUNCH! Complete with a Can’t Un-Ziplock bag, a Wormy Apple and a Snack Swicharoo!

Kids Will be Kids-Dirt Doesn’t Hurt But Help

 The weather in Pa is nice and Spring is in the air.Then again, we really didn’t have too much of winter(I think). This is time i love  when the windows  are open,having my 4 yr old outside as much possible playing. I also find it helps releasing that EXTRA energy that kids so seem to have( if only i could have that). My son loves to be messy and no care to wipping his hands on clothes  or hair.Which, i don’t understand lol I found nothing wrong w/ letting  kids be kids and get messy
Here’s why from
 Research shows that various types of play and parental interaction are vital to the healthy development of children. That’s why award-winning child care author of “The Big Book of Parenting Solutions,” and mom of three, Dr. Michele Borba lets moms know it’s okay to let their little ones get dirty and have a blast doing it, instead of fretting about the mess.

“By teaching kids that it’s okay to get messy sometimes and even encouraging it occasionally, we as parents show them that nobody is perfect, that accidents happen and most importantly, we teach them to be themselves,” said Borba. “Childhood is just too short to worry about getting dirty. You can remove many tough stains in one wash, but the memories that come with making them can last a lifetime.”
When we outside yesterday playing he dived right into dirt/mud just having great ole’ time. Of course you get some parents that found it gross nor won’t allow it. But it isn’t something  that alittle soap and water can’t fix.

I did however forgot have camera on hand when discovered my son after being silent.I figured he was up to something and  that’s usually tell tale sign.When i checkout on him i found he was covered in dirt/mud head to toe and removed is sneakers.I was like,”what are you doing?’ I had to laugh cause funniest thing.It also reminded me of when i was little hunting in dirt for worms and mud pies

 Why dirt don’t hurt & Good idea let kids get dirty w/ fun

Dirt – It Does a Body (and Soul) Good

Here are just five ways (of many) that dirt can benefit your children.
1. Did you know that studies have shown dirt to be good for your brain? Apparently, there are types of bacteria that are naturally found in soil which activate the neurons that produce serotonin – a key chemical in many bodily functions, as well as a natural anti-depressant. In other words, dirt can actually help make you feel happy. (And I’m not just talking about the mud wraps at the day spa.)
2. Dirt is also great for the immune system, especially in children. Research has shown that early exposure to the naturally occurring microbes in soil will help build stronger, more disease-resistant kiddos.

Photo by James Emery
In our germaphobic culture where we have entire aisles of cleaning products at the grocery store, some children are being raised in “overhygienic” conditions. Without enough exposure to different bacteria and microbes, it is thought that the immune system doesn’t learn to recognize its own cells, and this could be a reason for higher rates of asthma, eczema, and other diseases.
3. If you joined in reading The Last Child in the Woods last year with the Simple Living book club, you’ll be familiar with the term “nature-deficit disorder.” In our technologically savvy generation, kids just aren’t getting enough time to play outside, and that has now been linked to attention disorders, depression (yes, in children), and obesity.
4. Children who play outside laugh more, which means they’re happy!  It also means their blood pressure and stress levels are lower. (Did YOU know that those are two physical benefits of laughter? We could all probably stand to laugh a little more!)
5. Kids who play outside grow in their character development: they become more adventurous, more self-motivated, and they are better able to understand and assess risk.

Here are some ideas for your children:

If you’ve never tried this, just give your child a bucket and a shovel and set them in the dirt. See what happens – they will probably be in heaven for quite some time.
Garden with your kids! There are lots of gardening tips on Simple Organic, and Tsh has three suggestions for gardening with kids. You can create a separate little garden for your children, too – if your child is very young, you don’t even need to actually plant anything in it; they will simply love having a dirt plot of their own.
Explore nature with your children; study insects, leaves, wildflowers, rocks, etc. Start a nature collection. Take hikes. Wade in creeks. Go on picnics. DON’T clean their hands with antibacterial wipes before you eat. A little water and soap will do.

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Pinterest Found that I Tried!{ Report Card/Ratings}

 If you been on  Pinterest ( if not your missing out) you might have come across “A fix for those jeans with the pesky zipper that won’t stay up”  from  Heres what it looks like

When I came across I LIKED cause thought was awesome solution to pesky zipper.Do you have one? I have the same problem w/ pair a jeans that loved but couldn’t wear w/out trying to keep the zipper up several,several times. So, wanted to try this out to see if worked!

Here is my Report Card and Ratings!

Report Card/Ratings:

Craft Difficulty: Easy
This SUPER  SUPER easy A+

Material(s): Your own jeans and Key Ring
Make sure key ring is small size( not too small) if too big it will make buttoning  the jeans impossible-A+

The pic(above) pretty  much explains itselfA+

Final Report: A+
The best fix that I found that really love that works and super easy

I give this

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Hand Dyed T-Shirt Yarn Tutorial {How To}



came t-shirt yarn while looking up yarn types i wanted to get for knitting. Have  to say interest me and began looking it up. I was surprise how  T-Shirt yarn is useful crafting material. You can use it to knit, crochet, and all sorts of fun stuff! Had to have some and bought some on ebay  the back story HERE So, after buying i quickly wanted to learn to make own t-shirt yarn and finally did.

   This tutorial will teach you how to make one long piece of hand dyed t-shirt yarn
{ used plain white shirt but any color can work best and you have to dye it if don’t want to.}


We start with a t-shirt. Fold your shirt in half lengthwise, leaving two inches or so from edge to edge, like the photo and with your fabric scissors (or, if you’re brave – a rotary cutter), cut the body of the shirt out by cutting a straight line under the arms, and cutting off the hem of the shirt.


Then cut the shirt in strips. You decide how wide you want them, but try to make sure they’re all about the same. Cut all the way up to the first edge of the shirt (and slightly over), but not all the way to the end, as shown above.



Once you’ve cut out all your strips, open up the shirt widthwise then open it again, along the top, uncut edge. Lay your open, uncut edge as flat as possible so you can see the edges of your strips. Cut the shirt diagonally from strip to strip. Do this for all your strips until the end.This what it look like

Once you’re finished cutting, you’ll have one long piece of t-shirt! The next step is to turn it into yarn. Take your strip of t-shirt in sections, and pull it tight. The edges of the fabric stretch and roll inward, making what’s known as t-shirt yarn.
You can  pull it as I wind it into a ball, just to save a step.



I used 2 colors Turquoise & Pink  for dyeing  the yarn.Make sure to  follow directions on package. as it states. I would advices to wear latex gloves to prevent getting dye on your hands. *This i learned after forgetting to haha*

Once done here the finished look- I didn’t wind it yet but very pleased w/ color


Don’t give your old t-shirts to the second-hand shop, save them up for a crafting project!

Hope you enjoy!

Upcycle Picture Fame to Chalk Board

 It took while to finally post this project but happy to do it now. I was holding on to large picture frame and i’m  not too sure why. After cleaning my closet for 100 time{a later post lol} found it  and was going to throw it out. I change my mind when bought chalk for son but had not board to write on and then i remembered frame.Ahhh came to mind! So,went online to get what needed to create a chalkboard. In between my everyday Mommy/life and Etsy shop i started crafting it all together,but then had to put craft on hold for bit for other things.Finally set aside to make sure i 100% completed

                                                         Here it is:
                                       Picture Frame  Chalk Board

I don’t have picture of frame before but the color was Purple and began painting  the frame Blue. *would recommend 2 coats* I added chalkboard paper making sure any air pockets are out.  You can also use chalkboard paint as well either one is up to you.And nail or glue back all together
All done! 
That was fairly easy,right?

*Picture Frame
*Acrylic Paint
*Chalk Board paper 

You can found all items in local crafts store. TIP: Make sure check certain sites on online for codes/coupons to save 😉


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