Upcycle Picture Fame to Chalk Board

 It took while to finally post this project but happy to do it now. I was holding on to large picture frame and i’m  not too sure why. After cleaning my closet for 100 time{a later post lol} found it  and was going to throw it out. I change my mind when bought chalk for son but had not board to write on and then i remembered frame.Ahhh came to mind! So,went online to get what needed to create a chalkboard. In between my everyday Mommy/life and Etsy shop i started crafting it all together,but then had to put craft on hold for bit for other things.Finally set aside to make sure i 100% completed

                                                         Here it is:
                                       Picture Frame  Chalk Board

I don’t have picture of frame before but the color was Purple and began painting  the frame Blue. *would recommend 2 coats* I added chalkboard paper making sure any air pockets are out.  You can also use chalkboard paint as well either one is up to you.And nail or glue back all together
All done! 
That was fairly easy,right?

*Picture Frame
*Acrylic Paint
*Chalk Board paper 

You can found all items in local crafts store. TIP: Make sure check certain sites on online for codes/coupons to save 😉


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