Back 2 Basic-11 uses for Petroleum Jelly

 Do you have cabinet full beauty products but did you know 1 tub of petroleum jelly can do many wonders?

 That’s right, this jar holds many jobs!

 *Remove Makeup
Coat your lids,then gently swab w/ a tissue

* Hight Light CheekBones
Pattand blend a tiny amount across cheekbones.The shine attracts light and creates a contoured effect

*Gloss Lips
Add red food dye or tiny amount of koolaide powder.To dab of petroleum jelly for instant lip color.

*Get Even Tan
Smooth on petroleum jelly before tanner to prevent spotchy skin.

*Preserve Your Fragrance
Dab on pulse points and side of neck,before spritzing on perfume the scent will last entire day

*Buff Away Dry Skin
Combine w/ Brown sugar to concoct an at home exfoliator.

*Tame Unruly Eyebrows
Dot petroleum jelly on finger tips or clean mascara and sweep across brows in one directions
(from inside to out).

*Intensify Your Eyeshadow
Morph your powder shadow in creams for more pigmented color(prim lids w/ foundation and powder first to avoid creasing).

*Protect Skin From Dye Hair
Smooth a layer across hairline and avoid  har to remove dark satins

* Seal Split Ends
Coat ends to conceal dryness and frizz when in between trims.Also rub a little in hair to texture or smooth flyaways make sure wash it out.

*Stretch Your Lotion
If running low on lotion add a little petroleum jelly to prolong it life.

  Feel free other beauty uses for petroleum jelly

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Extra Large Stars Party Favors

Having a party coming up and needing some party favor or maybe you just have extra wrapping paper around? Whatever it’ll be used for these are the sweetest i have seen! This would be excellent for children’s party ideas for fun and super-duper cheap party favors.  Even if you have to go out and buy paper, you can make dozens of these in any theme for just a few bucks! And this video tutorial for folding the stars{below}

                                                               The Cheese Thief


                                                How to fold the stars

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Homemade Pedialyte

 Kids are bound to get sick no matter you hard you try for them not too. And seem as through once they hit school age they share more then toys(if any) w/ each other. I can say hate when my little one gets sick,the feeling of being helpless in his time of need breaks my heart. It would great have wand for those moments among many others as well! After a day of throwing up awhile back on everything including me  i thought how wonderful it would be live bubble or Lysol body suit.  I know sounds funny or weird thinking  of it now lol

                      But might have found something worth a try if ever sickness hits


I would want try this out seems a lot better then buying the Pedialyte and it’s expensive.However,it’s only brand i trust to buy that believe helps/works when needed.But upon seeing this it’s on my  list of “Do’s”        

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Childhood Memories-Homemade Candy Buttons!

 Does anyone remember or used eat these when little? I did and love them! This brings back childhood memories for me i used go corner store buy these and quarter juice. Does anyone know of quarter juice or used drink them? lol  Looks like going to try these out for son and see what he thinks

                                                 Homemade Button Candy
                                                  Don’t forget download template she has too


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Painted Bow Tie Pasta

This by far as to be the most creative thing have seen & just when I thought seen IT before,I’ve found  something as simple and cute as this.

                                                 Painted Bow Tie Pasta


 I have try this out w/ some pasta, would used my painted pasta for decorating a frame. I think so many ideas you can up w/ using these ties. What you used these painted bow tie craft for?

                          Here 1 idea you could these  painted bow tie for…
                                                        homemade card!

                                                      To Cute to be Eaten

                                                 Super Cute,right!?!

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2 in 1 CraftTutorial-{DIY} Duck Tape Pringles Can

 I came across blog really neat idea for using duck tape.Has anyone seen crafts you can make w/ duck tape? They are all too cute! But i came across this blog for duck tape boots which neat for upcycling those old shoes to something new.

I know what your thinking where does 2 in 1 comes in?! Here how!  Upon seeing this craft i came another blog w/ neat idea for upcycling those Pringles cans. You know have those lol!

So, which craft to try? I couldn’t decided & ended up doing BOTH. This were  i combined the 2 crafts in to 1 by using pringles can idea & duck tape idea together.

                                                        The duck Tape I’ll be using

                          Duck Tape Pringles Can

              This can be used for holding arts/crafts,pen/pencils,vase,yarn,plant holders,etc

                                              I cut the can in half to make 2 but you don’t
                                             have to if don’t want.I just recommend if you
                                             cut in half make sure save lid to have bottom for

                                             for can.

                    I’m not sure what i’ll be using my for yet but just love it so much!

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Custom Color Chalkboard Alphabet Blocks

 You just might have these blocks laying around{I Do lol};spouse them up w/ lively colors and chalkboard paint to create decor piece for your home or for  kids room/playroom.The ideas for these to be used are endless and simple.

 I have try this out w/ 2 bins of blocks that  we have not being built just collecting dust. No, seriously they just sit my sons room! I might drag them away paint them up

                                                     Aren’t they cutiest!?!


                                                                   Camp Clem

 Come checkout her wonderful blog for great craft ideas & more                                                         

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