Painted Bow Tie Pasta

This by far as to be the most creative thing have seen & just when I thought seen IT before,I’ve found  something as simple and cute as this.

                                                 Painted Bow Tie Pasta


 I have try this out w/ some pasta, would used my painted pasta for decorating a frame. I think so many ideas you can up w/ using these ties. What you used these painted bow tie craft for?

                          Here 1 idea you could these  painted bow tie for…
                                                        homemade card!

                                                      To Cute to be Eaten

                                                 Super Cute,right!?!

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3 thoughts on “Painted Bow Tie Pasta

  1. Painted bow pasta, what a great idea to stick on a cheap frame.I was actually looking for ideas on how to decorate a cell phone pouch I made for mothers day. I've bought my mom a Tracfone LG500G qwerty keyboard phone, a replacement for the one she drowned in the washing machine a while back,lol. Luckily it only cost her $20 & $7/mnth for service.I actually hand sewed a felt phone pouch but didn't know how to decorate the pouch, except for sewing on the words, I love you mom.I guess I'll just sew some felt bunnies on as they're the easiest to cut out.

  2. Johannah says:

    I just got a phone and now feel up w/ times lol But hubby on 3rd phone due to little hands wanting to phone someone. That sounds like wonderful Mother's Day gift,nothing better then handmade gift! She would love it, i know i do =) Love working w/ felt one favorites esp needle felting. If don't mind what about in felt spelling words love,either name or initials w/ ribbon across the top.

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