DIY: Hair Chalking

 I’ve been seeing “Hair Chalking” on Pinterest and web and thought what neat idea for temporary color,something different can be a good thing. It’s been around for while but I’m taking notice now cause just have thing for changing my hair.I just LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it too much! Anyone else the same?

                                         Step 1: Separate into small sections of hair
                                         Step 2: Soak a small section of hair with water.
                                         Step 3: Apply whichever pastel color you choose, generously. Repeat
 .                                        throughout sections you want pasteled
                                        Step 4: Flat iron (or curl) your hair to set the color.
                                            SOURCE: Blog Forever21

         This could be great idea for older kids or Tweens party idea.

  So you ready to get your chalk on? 
 Here are some Tips/Tricks from The Beauty Department i found useful w/ hair chalking something EXTRA worth reading if plan to do this.

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