All Crafty & Yummy Makes

   Here few things have made past week or recently and felt like sharing somethings crafty w/ some things yummy.

                                                    Rosette/Rhinestone Ring
                       I made this ring w/ piece scrap fabric i had,a great way using the your scraps.
                            All you need is scrap fabric,fabric stiffer,rhinestone & ring blanks.I just love
                    this ring so much that making more to ad to shop.Make sure keep eyes open on that.

                              Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Lollipops
     Here treat that is sure to be hit w/ kids anytime. It’s a simple yummy treat that doesn’t take
       doesn’t much time to make.All i add to them was sprinklers but you can as creative as you want.
     However you make them kids  or adults will still eat them.When melting chocolate make sure
       you follow the directions step by step. As you can my son enjoyed them very well even Dad too!  

                            Cake Batter Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies
             If you seen post about cake batter cookies then you will just love these but if  you
                       didn’t have a look Cake Batter Cookies  I just love Red Velvet cake ALOT!!!! so,
                     i wanted take cake batter recipe w/ red velvet mix and some chocolate chips to make a
                    cookie. I was not surprised at how yummy they were.I can’t get enough of  recipe and
                       all different cake mix can make w/ this. You must try this out if you haven’t!


                            Piggy Money & Coin Holder
                  A cute holder for kid for their money & coins it’s sorta like piggy bank just felt 
               I’m still working facial features & other details to this but just think cutest.
                I might do ones in different color felt instead just peach color for funky kind of piggy’s

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A Child Pictures into a Keychain

 What you could save your child pictures or better yet…wear them,carry them. Formia Design does just that transforming your child’s picture to life to cherish forever. She also has other beautiful jewelry to have peak at as well.

                                  Have look at these cute pieces that i love


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Birthday Candle Revamp {Baseball,Trucks & Dinosaurs}

 I like to keep stock birthday candles handy just in case I or family could use one if needed.Have you ever have a  cake w/out candle? Yes, I did! lol  Now, i make sure i have them. But of course those candles aren’t the cutest( kinda plain) and sometimes not colors you like on it. I’m not sure if anyone doesn’t like the colors on the candle or just me that doesn’t 😉  I decided revamp these candles to colors,designs more appealing or used for theme birthdays like; Baseball,Trucks & Dinosaurs.  The #5 candle is for my boy who turns 5 in 3 months

All it took was some puffy paint and buttons to change these plain candles up. You can use any color puffy paint you may like and buttons.

                                                            Aren’t these just cute?!
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Paper Plate = Clock

 I didn’t realize you turn anything into a clock and Momtastic shows us How-To turn just a paper plate into clock.  How simple is that? Well, tutorial is super easy an no more wasting the plates or throwing out. 
       This great decor piece kitchen,bedroom or nursery sure to get a  complaint. I just love this!

 The cute thing about this clock besides it being creative/simple you can use theme party plates or any decorated plates you have from leftover parties an can add some wood numbers if have or even better idea use  Cricut  or Silhouette (if you have one) cut some vinyl numbers. But of course leaving it w/out numbers is still cute clock

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Handprint Wood Art {Father’s Day}

 After seeing handprint art @ Mod Podge Rocks Blog  had create my own which i did for Mother’s Day present for myself.I know, late posting  this but THIS just perfect Father’s Day too. Now, i change mine up instead of canvase i used wood plaque that got idea @ TipJunkie. You can found wood{favorite store} HobbyLobby here Basswood Country Round .I did use both hands then just the one,but owever you create yours up to you either opinion is wonderful an make wonderful gift.

                           As you see here are wood plaques w/ some really cute srap book paper.

*Yes, I do have 2 wood plaques that’s cause after making hand print art thought how neat it would to do foot print one as well.So, now i’m doing just that =) *

                                       Here my finished product that just absolutely LOVE

                 These can make wonderful Father;s Day gift can be cherished forever

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Polka Dot Tile Coasters{DIY}

I had some old coasters  wanted to use,but they didn’t go well w/ decor that we had.I wanted to give them new life and  w/ cute pattern.I did however fail taking pic of what the coasters looked like before redoing them, they were Red,White & Blue w/ house & decor we have has 2 of colors( Brown & blue).

 What you’ll need:
A set of tiles,some scraps of scrapbooking paper or any kind of paper really, some mod podge.

 * clean and dry your tiles. After you have dried them off, apply a thin coat of mod podge to your tiles, place your decorative paper on top and smooth out all bubbles.

 Make sure-Allow this to dry for about 15 minutes, then apply 2 – 3 more coats allowing each coat to dry adequately.

 This are just cutest! What makes it great it is cheap alternative to buying ones.They make wonderful housewarming gifts. 

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{Memory Lane} Keepsake Book & Date Night/Memory Jars DIY’s

I recently came across ours  couple’s keepsake book i did when started dating my hubby,looking at  what we wrote made me laugh as well cry.I can remember us writing it out and just busting into laughter at each others answers to the questions.But I also came across some cards/letters that he has written that really made me cry and now can show him that when we started dating was the  Feb.21st 2000 & not Feb.22nd 2000 as he thought it was haha.

  This book brought back alot great memories as made me see why i love him so much

But also got me thinking of some great couple ideas came across these jars that could help w/ keeping a spark relationship as well saving those sentimental things you have.Memory jar is great for holding all cards/letter or pictures that you have laying around that can be displayed on shelve or made as a gift.I just really love Date Night Jar for creativeness and this could work if can’t decided on what to do.We just started now that our 4 yr old is bigger w/ us doing little dinner dates and it does feel nice,though I do miss our other half.

Date Night & Memory Jars  on Pinterest 

{you can found my pinterest boards HERE  Here is where you can found Date Night Jar LifeInTheGreenHouse {above} & Memory Jar ChooseCraftiness {below}

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