Polka Dot Tile Coasters{DIY}

I had some old coasters  wanted to use,but they didn’t go well w/ decor that we had.I wanted to give them new life and  w/ cute pattern.I did however fail taking pic of what the coasters looked like before redoing them, they were Red,White & Blue w/ house & decor we have has 2 of colors( Brown & blue).

 What you’ll need:
A set of tiles,some scraps of scrapbooking paper or any kind of paper really, some mod podge.

 * clean and dry your tiles. After you have dried them off, apply a thin coat of mod podge to your tiles, place your decorative paper on top and smooth out all bubbles.

 Make sure-Allow this to dry for about 15 minutes, then apply 2 – 3 more coats allowing each coat to dry adequately.

 This are just cutest! What makes it great it is cheap alternative to buying ones.They make wonderful housewarming gifts. 

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8 thoughts on “Polka Dot Tile Coasters{DIY}

  1. Hopping over here from For Love of Cupcakes. I have recently started making these coasters and love them! There are so many possibilities. Of course the polka dots are great.

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