Pinterest Make-Jolly Rancher {Monster} Lollipops

             I actually came across Homemade Jolly Rancher Lollipops on Pinterest 

 {you can my pinterest boards here!},where Thanks Mail Carrier  shows you steps to making these SUPER EASY treats tha tkids will just love.

Had to try these and was putting it off for while,but when finally did i was pleased. My son was also very surprised and loved them.

 I know what your thinking,slightly different?! Yes, i was going for that when making these.I used 4 jolly rancher instead of 3. I also found great site for baking supplies called fancyflours . That’s where came across these cute Edible Images Petite Monsters faces you see.

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Homemade Ice Cream in mintues{Video Tutorial}

 What is treat that we love on hot day,if pregnant or maybe dead of winter? Ice cream!!! Okay, any time is good for yummy treat. What about homemade ice cream? You can make your own w/ ziploc bag

I have favorites Mint Chocolate Chip,Neapolitan & Red Velvet. All the Ben & Jerry’s is favorite too.

 Did you know making your own  Homemade Ice Cream  is super easy and fun to make?! The video tutorial  show you ALL you need to make and steps

See, very easy! Can be fun for next party event. Also great for kids to get in on and they will just love this.

You can adjust measurements to how much like to make.You can also use coffee can,just use these  instructions (below)

Combine ingredients in a clean 1 lb coffee can with a tight fitting plastic lid. Tape lid for added security. Place 1 lb coffee can in 3 lb coffee can. Pack crushed ice around the smaller can. Pour almost 1 cup of rock salt over the ice. Replace lid on 3 lb can. Roll the can back and forth on the floor or sidewalk for 10 minutes. Remove the inside can carefully. Keep salt solution out of the small can. Remove lid of small can and stir ice cream with a rubber spatula. Replace and retape lid. Drain ice water from larger can and place smaller can inside. Repack with ice and salt. Roll back and forth 5 – 10 minutes more depending on how firm you like your ice cream.

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Road Trip ideas-Snack Box & Activity Pages

 We are bond to hit the road for vacation or mini one w/ kids it can be harder, long car rides mix w/ bordem. You know yourself being stuck in car too long isn’t fun! So, keep kids happy and entertained on those long trips good idea being some snacks and activity book or pages. Thanks to Pinterest found wonderful idea for snacks, Tackle box filled w/ snacks. This worked wonderful for when we hit the beach in NY.

                                              My Road Trip Snack Box

                         This works well not just for snacks but craft kit,games kit

                                              Dry Erase Activity Pages

                       No need to buy activity book make your own w/ my tutorial

                                                             {Tutorial Here}

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A Paper Clip & Some Embroidery Floss= A Bracelet Tutorial {DIY}

 I wasn’t sure if i wanted to make earrings or bracelet,since already made earring figured a bracelet could work. I’m so glad choose bracelet cause this i love!

embroidery Floss
Paper Clips
Craft Pliers
Modge Podge or Glue Gun (either would work fine)

To start, un-bend your paper clip to shape.You can make any shape  bracelet you like.I just followed the pic below as guide to shape i.This works GREAT for shapping  a triangle for earrings

 {Source for pic}

 From there you just start to wrap using your floss and or yarn w/ each wrap coat w/ Modge Podge (what best for me is to soak your floss in modge podge then wrap).It’s messy but fun 😉

just keep wrapping and wrapping until you get to where you started and secure it with coat of modge podge or glue

Next paint over your bracelet w/ another coat of modge podge.Yes, 2 or 3 coats is needed!

 Once dry, you can map out your design and details,you can keep wrapping or add other color floss. You can even add embellishments. 

                                     This DIY can be used to make earrings or rings.
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Perfect Weekend: Beach Trip

 What could make summer but trip to the beach? This weekend we hit Rockaway beach,Ny w/ the family.The weather was nice,hazy but rain held up wonderful.Our boy was in his glory,he just loves the beach couldn’t stop asking when we going.

I and Hubby had to make friends w/  Banana Boat Aloe Gel,but the trip was well worth it.

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Did You Know?

 I’m sure if have school age kids you have seen Do-A-Dot Markers  they supply hours of fun for little artist.
 The  kits come with 6 colors each, and there are 4 different color packs. A The markers have a screw-off cap, a sponge-tip applicator, and a release-valve inside that is pressure-sensitive (you push down to release the paint). A Each marker holds 2.5 fl. oz. of paint. You can purchase from the website or  My favorite place that has them  you can get activity books as well


                                     But,before you buy these markers

                           You can make your own Do-A-Dot Makers
                 Yes, you heard me right? You can make your own using flower vial tubes

Go to your local florist and see if they have some extras they’d like to donate to you. 🙂   this site to purchase these tubes if the florist isn’t an option.
::Fill the tubes with water, then add a drop of food coloring.
::Put the cap on* and shake gently to mix the colors.

   These work a little differently than the store-bought kind,  but kids will have fun creating

                                                   So which would you try?

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What Can Be Created from Pool Noodle?

 Summer is here some hot weather is upon us and pretty sure you  have seen some pool noodles in the stores even Dollar Store has them.You can stock up on them and they come in many colors.

                          Did you know you can make some pretty neat things from a  noodles?

       Here awesome list of things that you make that super easy and loads of fun for kid

                                                            Marble Run



                                                               Pretend Cupcakes  

                                                              Pool Noodle Frame

                                                             Jumbo Stamp

                                                 Make Your Own Water Park