A Paper Clip & Some Embroidery Floss= A Bracelet Tutorial {DIY}

 I wasn’t sure if i wanted to make earrings or bracelet,since already made earring figured a bracelet could work. I’m so glad choose bracelet cause this i love!

embroidery Floss
Paper Clips
Craft Pliers
Modge Podge or Glue Gun (either would work fine)

To start, un-bend your paper clip to shape.You can make any shape  bracelet you like.I just followed the pic below as guide to shape i.This works GREAT for shapping  a triangle for earrings

 {Source for pic Evie-s.com}

 From there you just start to wrap using your floss and or yarn w/ each wrap coat w/ Modge Podge (what best for me is to soak your floss in modge podge then wrap).It’s messy but fun 😉

just keep wrapping and wrapping until you get to where you started and secure it with coat of modge podge or glue

Next paint over your bracelet w/ another coat of modge podge.Yes, 2 or 3 coats is needed!

 Once dry, you can map out your design and details,you can keep wrapping or add other color floss. You can even add embellishments. 

                                     This DIY can be used to make earrings or rings.
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