Child’s Play *Boredom Busters* | Pasting Craft and Frog Dart Game

Keeping my son  entertained and having fun is something that is important to me.While, learned we can’t entertain ALL time their days when boredom or weather hits that they need something to do. These came in handy for that  and we love them. Now I wanna share! This my first  w/ Alex Toys (have heard but never bought before.) I’m just glad didn’t second guess getting them when i did.

                                                    Ready,Set Paste!


           Here’s  a cute scarecrow  my son and i crafted together.That also had take a ride his tricycle


                    Meet our new pet caterpillar.He had take a sit on a chair for school time lol

    What you get in the box:

  • Playful learn to paste projects
  • Glue goes on purple for easy positioning, then dries clear
  • Includes bunches of stickers, papers, crinkle paper and more!
  • Great for young artists and little hands!
  • Makes 9 creative projects

9 playful learn to paste projects! Then paste the purple for easy positioning, then dries clear. Includes clusters of stickers and paper shapes pressed, glue stick, wrinkled, squares of tissue paper, eyes and easy instructions google image.                                                

                                           Munching Frogs Dart Game


 This  is a super cute game even though  the dragonflies are a little tough getting on board.However, we had fun playing anyway. He did alot  better then me in this game lol


What you get in the box:

 Feed the hungry frogs. Aim at the 22″ target that hangs on a wall or door, and fire away with the 4 dragonfly darts with hook and loop ends. Excellent for developing hand-eye coordination. For use indoors or out.

  • Comes with 4 dragonfly darts with hook and loop stick to target when thrown
  • The darts have soft tips so children cannot injure themselves
  • Adding up points helps kids to learn math
  • This game is good for helping kids develop their hand-eye coordination
  • Can be played indoors or outside

I would recommend these to all parents.They( you) would love cute crafts  and game alot!
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Painted Cork Coasters

Hope your going wonderful weekend.If your looking for project to do i have one that’s perfect! Here’s a simple project i did couple weeks ago with some cork coasters that  i had  got my hands on. Ikea makes thick style one too- any size or thickness coaster will work wonderful for this project. If you  already have old coaster that need a revamp I did some here  Polka Dot Tile Coasters DIY  

Cork coasters (Ours are from Hobby Lobby, around and square)
Acrylic paints
Painter’s tape or masking tape

Wouldn’t these be a great gift? I love projects that can be for  all ages,from toddlers to teens! This is  wonderful for kids to do for gift for Teachers. However you design your coasters their so many ideas you can do w/ them!
Here’s a question for all you crafty types – do you think I need to seal them? If so, with what? Thanks! :)
Happy creating!

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Have You Heard of…. Penalty Pals

I recently found Penalty Pals thought  what a great idea for directing positive behavior and wanted try something different in that  “time out” moment we all face Lol, maybe something could get  his attention better to why he was in it begin with. I love finding new things try and never know maybe could work or maybe not always to me worth a shot. So found these decals had to get them and see. The thing I liked  it can stick any where and can be  remove easily no damage to walls.

                               So, what is Penalty Pals?!

  • Time outs will never be easier

  • 4 Bright Colorful Designs

  • Can be placed almost anywhere- wall, floor, fridge…

  • Teaches kids responsibility

  • Removable

The Penalty Pal helps direct parents, educators and children towards a positive outcome by being a colorful reminder that when we are happy then we can interact in our environment in a more positive manner.  Notice the frown on the clock progresses from a frown to a smile.  It can be used to remind kids that they need to stay in their time-out till they are “happy.” These decals can be moved from wall to wall (or even on a fridge) as need be. The Penalty Pal will change the way time-outs work in your house or school.  These colorful wall adhesives are great for home or preschool and adhere to safety standards and practices.
Another awesome product they have is  Parking Pals  same concept w/ safty in mind. You can found them ——–>

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Toy Capsule Lamp

 Those 25-cent machines outside the supermarket,always threw those plastic capsules away. I admit it! I’ve never figured out what  to do with them EVER, but it seems like there’s a lot of potential to do something w/ them. I now regret that do just throw them away! So, if next time you happen get those capsules keep them and create.Here’s what you can do that’s interesting way to use them up: plastic capsules have been incorporated into this simple and modern-looking pendant lamp, from Hong-Kong design firm Design Systems Ltd. This can be a way awesome light fixture in a child’s bedroom or playroom.
[Via The Cool Hunter]


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All Crafty & Yummy Makes

 Here few things have made past week or recently and felt like sharing somethings crafty w/ some things yummy.

                                                Almost 5 Birthday Breakfast

                                                       Monster Pancake Lollipops

 Playing w/ Food:Pancake creations – I’ve become a fan creative food for kidsmy favorite site for inspiration  is Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons .The site is full creativeness w/ food that kids would just love to eat.If food doesn’t look appealing some kids won’t want to eat them,but  if they look like Monkey, Bird,Favorite Character kids  might want to give it try. It also be foods kids don’t like just  made different/cute way!


               Helping in Kitchen- My hubby is awesome cook and he gets our 4 year old in on cooking.Here he is adding some seasoning to steak and had alittle kick to it came out perfect. They say if you let kids help w/ cooking they will more likely eat it. Let kiddies help w/ mixing,stir,seasoning Here  you can found age appropriate ways kids can help or  cook in the kitchen w/ you

     Modge Podge & Paint Window Clings-These are awesome & simple to do w/ kids.All you need is modge podge mixed w/ paint,let dry and you have window cling bling. I started mine for son birthday coming up,but can do all holiday ones or any design

                 Friendship Bracelet-They are becoming popular again not bad though,right?.I started making them for  my shop. The come in alots color options to choose from.I will admit had remember how to make them lol. Been forever! Once did couldn’t help remembering me and friends making these for each other. Do you remeber


              The Lil Journal Project- Lil Blue Boo  started wonderful project on journal writing and had take part in it(optional). I wanted to try this cause haven’t kept w/ journal since i was kid and just seemed like neat idea to do. You can see all  my posting  Here . I will  do complete blog post once complete,but so far pleased w/ my keeping up this.

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