Painted Cork Coasters

Hope your going wonderful weekend.If your looking for project to do i have one that’s perfect! Here’s a simple project i did couple weeks ago with some cork coasters that  i had  got my hands on. Ikea makes thick style one too- any size or thickness coaster will work wonderful for this project. If you  already have old coaster that need a revamp I did some here  Polka Dot Tile Coasters DIY  

Cork coasters (Ours are from Hobby Lobby, around and square)
Acrylic paints
Painter’s tape or masking tape

Wouldn’t these be a great gift? I love projects that can be for  all ages,from toddlers to teens! This is  wonderful for kids to do for gift for Teachers. However you design your coasters their so many ideas you can do w/ them!
Here’s a question for all you crafty types – do you think I need to seal them? If so, with what? Thanks! :)
Happy creating!

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