Halloween Treats | Cookie Lollipops & Spooky Cookie Pizza

  Looking some Halloween Treats for kiddies then your in luck! I have 2 awesome cookie treats Cookie Lollipops & Spooky Cookie Pizza sure please.They are also super easy  and alot time spent in kitchen & kids can/ and  should  beinvited take part w/ decorating The good part is these store bought cookie dough,but you have recipe to make own you can do so.

Want make these cookie pops? You can get more creative then did or keep it simple.


* Cookie Dough
* Icing
* Lollipops Sticks
* Sprinkles

Cut dough to med/sm size,place lollipop stick in to dough half way through. Bake cookies as directed on package. Make sure let cool after done baking, once cool start the decorating  w/ favorite toppings

These cookie look spooky & creepy  but are very yummy. The love them maybe more the candy then cookie 😉


* Cookie Dough
* Icing
* Sprinkles
* Candy

Cut dough med/sm size,bake as directed on package.Make sure let cool,once all cool start decorating pizza w/ candies

This make fun Halloween party idea for kids to do. Hope you enjoy!

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Easter Egg {Candy-Filled} Ghost-DIY

Halloween is fast approaching and  w/  that comes all festive crafts,candies,decoration in every store. I can’t help loving season so much. With getting into sprite i wanted wipe up a cute craft, had some left over Easter Eggs.Hmmm! What to do w/ them? I decided to make Easter Egg Candy-filled Ghost

                      A super easy craft that kids or trick or treaters would love as well.


* Plastic Easter Eggs( candy -filled or add your own assortment)

* String or Yarn

*Paper Towel (any kind paper will do)

* Crayon or Marker

* Tape


Step 1: Take your plastic egg roll the egg completely cover then taping top part of head.

Step 2:  Cut string or yarn tie the middle, remove excess string if needed.

Step 3: Craft your Ghost face

                       * Get the kids crafting the faces using all sorts of crafting supplies *

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50 DIY Halloween Costumes List Tutorials

 Are you ready for Halloween? Well, it’s on it’s way an if your in need of ideas then come check these great DIY costumes

  Slap Dash Mom has this list of awesomely  easy diy Halloween costumes for kids  to hopefully get yours or mine in this case creative juices flowing. 

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

 {List by Slap Dash Mom

1. Various Tutu Costumes (Photos)
2. CUTE Paper Doll (Tutorial + Photos)
3. Chocolate Chip Cookie (Tutorial + Photos)
4. Baby Money Bags (Tutorial + Photos)
5. Rainbow and other costumes (Photos)
6. Robot (Tutorial + Photo)
7. Pink Poodle + 17 other costumes (Tutorials + Photos)
8. Baby Raggedy Ann (Photo)
9. Cute Bunny Rabbit (Tutorial + Photos)
10. Simple Duck Costume (Tutorial + Photo)
11. Circus Acrobat (Tutorial + Photos)
12. Baby Octopus (Simple Tutorial + Photo)
13. Little Red Riding Hood (Tutorial + Photo)
14. Cupcake Chef (Tutorial + Photo)
15. Super Mario Bros (Photo)
16. Little Devil (Tutorial + Photo)
17. Little Gnome (Photos)
18. Lego Indiana Jones (Tutorial + Photos)
19. Banana Split (Simple Tutorial + Photo)
20. Monarch Butterfly (Tutorial + Photo)
21. Pig in a Blanket (Tutorial + Photos)
22. Prince Charming (Photo)
23. No-Sew Jack-O-Lantern (Tutorial + Photos + Video)
24. Muscle Man (Tutorial + Photos)
25. Angry Birds (Tutorial + Photos)
26. Mummy Baby (Tutorial + Photos)
27. Beautiful & Bright Peacock (Basic Tutorial + Photos)
28. Bat (Photo)
29. Skunk (Tutorial + Photo)
30. Can of Soup (Tutorial + Photo)
31. Super Heroes (Tutorial + Photos)
32. Cute-A-Saurus (Tutorial + Photo)
33. ADORABLE Pink Owl (Tutorial + Photos)
34. King & Queen (Tutorial + Photos)
35. Magician (Tutorial + Photo)
36. Unisex Sock Monkey (Tutorial + Photos)
37. Rapunzel Hair (Tutorial + Photos)
38. Maggie Simpson (Basic Tutorial + Photo)
39. Little Lamb (Tutorial + Photo)
40. For the Unborn Baby: Skeleton Costume (Tutorial + Super Cute Photos)
41. Alice in Wonderland (Tutorial + Photos)
42. Grocery Bag Costumes (Lots of tutorials)
43. Snowball (Tutorial + Photo)
44. Raining Cats & Dogs (Tutorial + Photo)
45. Sunflower (Tutorial + Photo + Video)
46. Lego Block (Tutorial + Photo)
47. Recycled Witch Costume (Simple Tutorial + Photo)
48. Knight (Tutorial + Photo)
49. Three Blind Mice (Tutorial + Photos)
50. Statue of Liberty (Tutorial)

Do you have favorite in this list?

Monster Spray

 If kids are  afraid of monster under bed or in closet and it’s  making little ones  less then  eager to go bed then try some Monster Spray.  Happy Go Lucky  has cute solution rid those monster away for good! Love this idea so much! The little ones would love this making feel like a superhero to  those pesty monsters

                                                                {View Tutorial Here}

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