Snickers Caramel Apple Pie Recipe

Fall is around the corner so…

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And with that  you might be interested in delicious Snickers Caramel Apple Pie. This one favorite recipes it soooooo good and very simple make. This a great fall treat to wipe up.I believe once you make it’ll be favorite too.

Ingredients: – 1 pie crust
– 3 green apples (diced)
– 1/4 cup caramel ice cream topping
– 15-20 oz. bag of mini Snickers (chopped)
– 2 1/2 cup Cool Whip (whipped topping softened)
– 1/3 can sweetened condensed milk
– 2 oz. of cream cheese (softened)

Directions: 1. Spread Snickers on the bottom of the pie crust. Next, layer the apples. Then drizzle caramel on top.
2. In a bowl, combine cool whip, cream cheese, and sweetened condensed milk. Spread that on top.
3. Drizzle with caramel and a few snickers. Place in refrigerator for at least 4 hours. Take out about 5 minutes before serving.

Told ya it was easy! Hope you try this out and let me know what you think =)


Connect 4- Good Fine Motor Game

 We love this game an I didn’t realize how Connect 4 works on a lot of OT skills. Who knew?  Well, if didn’t too here how it does
You have to pick up the checker-like pieces and reach up and slide them into the slots at the top of the game.
Picking up the pieces works on fine motor control, reaching to put the piece in the game works on upper extremity strength, range of motion, and crossing midline if positioned right. Getting the piece into the slot works on visual/perceptual-motor skills.
On top of the skills,in order to win  you have to be aware of all of the pieces played going in multiple directions, and be able to perceptually see the pieces and how they are being played.
  • Fine motor skills
  • Visual/perceptual motor skills
  • Upper extremity strengthening
  • Crossing midline
  • Using an involved extremity
  • Upper extremity range of motion

ABCMouse Review

ABC mouse classroom

I had posted about my Tumblr ( blog about my love for ABCMouse an wanted share it here.Have you joined? If not than checkout what’s it about.  
What is not love about ABCMouse it’s awesome site is a subscription-based, educational website for children ages two through six. Created by a team of educators, it offers a full online curriculum for kids in pre-k, kindergarten, and early elementary school

abc mouse review

Are you still interested?

How Does Work?

When you first sign on to, your child (or children — up to three can play and learn on one account) is prompted to create an avatar that looks just like him. After your child is happy with how he looks (avatars can be changed), they are also asked to create a teacher for their classroom. You are also asked to choose a learning path for your child based on age and academic ability.  You can also choose Preschool (ages 3 and up), Pre-K (ages 4 and up) and Kindergarten (ages 5 and up). Every level features four curriculum subjects — Reading, Math, the World Around Us and Art & Colors.

The home base is the classroom, which is where all the learning begins. Through online books, games, songs, puzzles  online art projects and printables that cover six different academic levels, children are able to learn about a variety of subjects. The over 2,000 individual learning activities span a host of topics, including reading, math, science, social studies, art and music. While there are learning paths that kids follow and work their way through, there are also sections on the site, including a farm and a zoo, where kids can play individual games and complete individual activities.

As a child completes an activity, they are awarded “tickets” that are able to be redeemed for virtual prizes. The site keeps track of what your child has completed so you get a good feel for what they are learning

As your child moves along lesson path, the activities switch from subject to subject and get more challenging.

Once you and your child are comfortable on the site, you can build custom lessons for your child if there are particular things you’d like them to learn. You can choose by subject, academic level and even the order in which you’d like your child to complete them in.
abc mouse
They have a First Month Free Subscription Offer going on right now too. - Over 3,000 Educational Activities - First Month Free - Click here!

Typing Practice List Keyboarding Programs for Kids

Looking for little one practice typing then here list of I found that really do like and think you and child will to.

Dance Mat TypingFree online typing program which includes 12 levels and is designed to be fun.
The Dance Mat Typing website can be found HERE

Fun to Type
Free online typing games to help students work on speed and accuracy
The Fun to Type website can be found HERE.  

Typing Web
typing program which includes typing games, lessons, tests, and score.
The Typing Web website can be found HERE

Free online educational games to help children become more comfortable and familiar with the computer keyboard.
The ABC Ya website can be found HERE.

Hope you enjoy these! =)

Playing with Tongs-{Color Sorting Game}

Sometimes best learning tool can from around the house or in this case the kitchen. I grab 2 pair tongs we have and w/ the lego’s had him picking them up by color,size and we then did passing game back and fourth using no hands just the tongs.It was pretty fun!


                             ( As you can see he liked to cheat Lol)

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                              As you can see he wanted to use his hands Lol

The ability to use tongs is a pre-scissors skill, and the ability to use scissors is a pre-writing skill.When kids use tongs, they have to learn to “separate” the two sides of their hands (thumb/index finger side and middle/ring/pinky finger side), and this is exactly what is needed in order to successfully operate both scissors and a pencil

  You can even more ways to play 50 Ways to Play with Tongs

The Children’s Place BTS Shopping

I absolutely LOVE The Children’s Place.They have quality children’s clothing at really amazing prices! I have bought before and never been disappointed.
I took trip for much needed back to school shopping I had planned to make rounds to different shops but ended up keeping one trip in this store instead.  Glad I did! When it comes to buying clothes  I hate to have to spend a fortune on kids clothes because they are grow so fast and like play,you know holes in knees of jeans that they can’t remember they get. I like few good months out clothes sometimes mix an match old w/ new
Check out what I got:   (I discovered Boys or just mine doesn’t do back to school try on clothes,got a lot eye rolling and huffing to do it Lol But got these 3 pics of outfits love them

I got total of 9 items 2 pairs of jeans,  1 pair sweat pants,  1 sweater, and  4 shirts and 1 flannel shirt. GOOD PART 1: They all markdown in prices so i saved. YAY!

GOOD PART 2: I also got surprise when realized I was MyPlace rewards member,some how forgot so glad I had cashier check because I scored some  reward points and even received 3 10% off  ($30) PlayCash coupons.

Have you signed up for The Children’s Place reward program? It’s free to join. I’ll do a run down.
I would recommend join it is seriously the best
My Place Rewards, is really simple, you can sign up either online or in store. For every $1 you spend you will receive 5 points. Points are redeemable for rewards certificates.
1,000 points = $5 rewards certificate
2,000 points = $10 rewards certificate
3,000 points = $15 rewards certificate
4,000 points = $20 rewards certificate
Have you ever shop The Children’s Place before? Share what have bought recently