Pinterest Found that I Tried!{ Report Card/Ratings}

Softer Yarn does it pass or fail?

Found out


If you been on Pinterest you might have come across “Softer Yarn” Heres what it looks like

I posted this tutorial Here cause thought wonderful idea & love it,but i also had another idea to try this out too. I just love soft,chucky,bulky yarn & working them when loom knitting cause love texture look from those yarns more. So, i sat out try this w/ my yarn that already had to plan to use but also wanted to try this on another type of yarn to see if tutorial would work the same w/ different texture yarn.

Does this make PASS or FAIL grade,you’ll have read on to found out!?!You just might be surprised by my results

{ My result based on craft differently,materials,directions. I based my final report on all those give final grade.}

Are ready to start craft? Then Let’s go!!!!

The 2 yarns being used…

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