Elf on the Shelf Ideas (10 Fashions & Accessories Your Elves) – Elf Return Week

Looking for easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas?

Check out these 10 Fashions & Accessories For  Your Elves :

 ADORABLE  outfits and accessories – like sleeping bags and suitcases for the Elf on the Shelf

apron set is  cute and fun if your Elf likes to act out in the kitchen


7.00 these ultra cute kits and outfits are available for sale on Elf Outfitters

Elf on the Shelf Pajama Sets – with a wide variety of styles and patterns to choose from!



Elf on the Shelf Super Hero Capes


Elf on the Shelf Art Easel Set


Elf Winter Weather Kit


Elf Welcome Back Suitcase


Elf Fishing Rod and Vest Kit




Our Thanksgiving


Yesterday was very relaxing stay at home just us and my father in law Thanksgiving. All days can be stressful holidays shouldn’t be. We didn’t do a turkey instead husband got a  Capon ( had no idea what a Capon was)

A capon (from Spanish capón) is a rooster or cockerel that has been castrated to improve the quality of its flesh for food 10400804_10202069953188677_4904573593358744957_n

As you can see pretty diesel Rooster and good tasting.My husband and son stuffed it w/ garlic,basil,lemon and apples


The finished piece


My Family


(this was as good photo we were going get)


My family is one them

Here some scenic pictures my husband took running last items errands






Hope everyone had wonderful Thanksgiving w/ the ones you love!

Ebates -{Where Pays to Shop Online} Review

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

I first heard of Ebates 5 yrs ago and  to me it sounded too good to be true. So I decided to check it out.

I love doing some online shopping from time to time maybe more than going to mall.That’s where Ebates comes in. It promises to save you time through an online shopping experience and best part  earn you some cash back at the same time.

What is Ebates?

“Ebates was founded in 1998 by two District Attorneys in Silicon Valley who used to prosecute online fraud and identity theft,” their website says. How’s that for a warm, fuzzy feeling when you’re concerned about online transaction safety?

 Ebates pays cash back on online purchases, as well as provides some great coupons for the best deals. They deal with other 1,500 stores (including some very big names).

What’s the catch?

There isn’t a catch; it’s really is free for you. Ebates makes their money, like all other online shopping centers, through commission from the retailers. Ebates then pays a percentage of that commission as a cash back reward to their users.

How Ebates Works

All purchases need to be made through Ebates get your  credit for them. That means that you would first need to go to Ebates and search through the stores (Walmart,Kmart,Kohls,Jcpenny,Target, etc.), When you decide where to order from, click the “shop now” button.It will take you to the merchant’s website, where you then shop like normal.

It’s pretty easy.

Remember: you must enter the store’s site through Ebates!

How Ebates Works (Review)

Cash back rates vary; Target 2.5%  The Ebates home page will show you stores that currently have great deals, like 6%-12% cash back and up. Your home page will also keep track of where you shop and show a quick reference list of your favorite stores.

****Amazon.com now offers cash back, but only on certain things like kids’ cloths, Toys,etc.****

How to Get Paid

Payments (or “Big Fat Checks,” as Ebates calls them) are sent to you every three months for purchases made during the previous quarter.

The schedule is as follows:

Ebates Checks

You can choose your preferred method to receive your Big Fat Check: either by paper check through regular mail, or through PayPal. I choose paypal as mine.Bu Whichever is method for you can be you can always change at any time.

 Ebate account will keep an itemized list of your pending cash back.

Tell-A-Friend Bonus

You can refer your friends by email or Facebook, or by posting your referral link to any other sites like Twitter, etc. You will be paid a $5 referral bonus (which is credited to your Ebates account just like cash back) per person who signs up under you and makes a qualified purchase.

I have referred 1 new members toward the current bonus. Current Bonus Period: 10/1/2014 – 12/31/2014

My Ebates  Tell-A-Friend Dashboard

Refer 3 Friends, Earn $75

Get $5 for each additional referral. Bloggers and power referrers can earn $25,000+.

After using it I do recommend Ebates as a great way to earn some cash back if you do a lot of online shopping cash back options do build up fast!

Ebates Review

Do you have an Ebates account? What do you think? How much cash back do you earn?

Reindeer Food {Diy} Printable

Reindeer Food!

Reindeer Food

This is a fun and easy  to make with kids or kids classmates


* sandwich bags
* scoop oatmeal  and sprinkle green and red sugar sprinkles in the bag.
*attach the following poem.

 Have kids go out in the yard Christmas Eve and sprinkle it all over. 

Graphics by Scrappin Doodles and Pink Cat Studio

Just click on the picture above to download.

 {I have seen a lot of different versions of this poem.I did not come up with this one.}

Coconut Oil

My new obsession is coconut oil love this stuff.Have you tried it? If not, you must!


Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids, including lauric acid, which are metabolized differently. They can increase your energy expenditure, reduce your appetite and have been shown to fight bad bacteria. Coconut oil is also high in saturated fat, which raises the good cholesterol (HDL) and keeps your heart healthy.

Aside from the array of health benefits,  few unexpected uses for this affordable and versatile oil.

1. Get Cookin’

Sauté veggies, eggs, chicken or turkey in a tablespoon of coconut oil (my favorite is sweet potatoes!). It has a high smoking point, meaning it doesn’t emit harmful free radicals. Or, add a tablespoon to a smoothie for an energy boost thanks to its medium-chain fatty acids.

2. Face + Body Moisturizer

Slather it on your skin while in the shower to keep your skin soft. Another bonus: It can also help improve acne and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Go ahead – dab a little under your eyes!

3. Hair Repair

Add a teaspoon or so to the ends and then shampoo to keep your tresses shiny and healthy (bye-bye, dry hair!). For a deep conditioning treatment, run a bit more through your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing.

4. Teeth Whitener

Mix a bit of coconut oil with baking soda (until it’s spreadable) for an all-natural toothpaste for your pearly whites.

5. Sunburn Soother

If you’ve spent a bit too much time under the sun, coconut oil makes a great sunburn soother. Apply a generous amount to moisturize and help reduce peeling.

6. Makeup Remover

Forget harsh make-up removers. Dab a cotton ball or Q-tip with coconut oil and wipe your make-up away – even waterproof mascara.

7. Lip Balm

Not only does it soften your lips, coconut oil also has an SPF of 4 to help protect from sun damage.

8. Chafe Preventer

Coconut oil prevents chaffing and treats skin that’s been rubbed raw. It’s even gentle enough to sooth diaper rash on your little one!

9. Goo Be Gone

Mix coconut oil with equal parts baking soda and apply to the sticky area. Let sit for a minute and then scrub the sticky away.


10. Insect Repellant

Mix it with a little peppermint essential oil, and voila: instant bug repellant. It also helps stop bug bit itching

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