Our Thanksgiving


Yesterday was very relaxing stay at home just us and my father in law Thanksgiving. All days can be stressful holidays shouldn’t be. We didn’t do a turkey instead husband got a  Capon ( had no idea what a Capon was)

A capon (from Spanish capón) is a rooster or cockerel that has been castrated to improve the quality of its flesh for food 10400804_10202069953188677_4904573593358744957_n

As you can see pretty diesel Rooster and good tasting.My husband and son stuffed it w/ garlic,basil,lemon and apples


The finished piece


My Family


(this was as good photo we were going get)


My family is one them

Here some scenic pictures my husband took running last items errands






Hope everyone had wonderful Thanksgiving w/ the ones you love!


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