Cowabunga!!! 15 Incredible Ninja Turtle Crafts


Any TMNT fans will loves collection craft ideas  and with movie out kids will get kick out of these

15 Incredible Ninja Turtle Crafts

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Charlie Brown Shirt DIY


My son a fan Charlie Brown now. I think awesome because Charlie Brown was always favorite of mine as well. My dad when I little drew from newspaper  comics Charlie Brown picture, have since lost that drawing but whenever see Peanuts gang think of dad who has passed. A flash forward one year art class we had draw something and pick Charlie Brown and Peanuts got A on project made realize got a lot drawing skills from dad.

  We recently got for son Charlie Brown movie collection(It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown / A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving / A Charlie Brown Christmas).He even found  the last ornament in the store of Charlie Brown Christmas figurine that loves play with. So, it was  only fitting make him own  shirt. It was hit he loved it.

This such simple craft make


Fabric Makers




I stretched washed shirt over a piece of card board that was a smidge wider than his shirt  I decided to free hand it.

I started with the medium point maker and that made some nice lines  to fill in the the thick one. I had to go over the lines several times to get the color deep into the fabric

Next, I filled them in with the large maker.  Make sure any  lines  are easily fixed with the finer point maker.

I think Charlie approved..

Charlie Brown PIN 2

Source unkown.

DIY All Natural Pineapple Cough Syrup

At first sign of tickle in your throat  whip up this delicious drink


 pineapples have a surprising cough suppressing benefits because of  the enzyme bromelain ,which natural  anti-inflammatory,that been shown to  help control cough and break up mucus

What You Will Need:
•2 thick slices of fresh pineapple, peel removed, but core intact (about two good cups)
•1 Tbsp honey
•1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
•a thumb sized piece of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced or rough chopped
•juice of 1 lemon

1.Give the pineapple a rough chop, including the core, which is not only edible but particularly healthy.
2.Blend everything up in a blender or food processor until smooth.
3.Use as is, or push the mixture through a mesh strainer to get a smoother syrup.
4.Keep in the refrigerator and take as needed.


It’s time to Try Dry: New Spray Dry Dove Dry Anti-Perspirant Deodorant


As a member of the Influenster community, I received a package of Dove Silk Dry Anti-Perspirant Deodorant  in exchange for this review. Opinions are all 100% my own.


I recently had oppunity to try the new Doves Dry Spray Deodorant VoxBox via Influenster (Dry Sprays are the Newest in Antiperspirants.)

I will admit I was nervous to try this because I have in the past tried spray deodorant and didn’t like them even some roll-on ones. I just  always hated  that cold  and wet  feeling they would leave,was still left having to reapply which I why for many years stuck with solid stick deodorant. I really mean that many years with the same brand so wondered if I  could break with original favorite  and  try something new.I was determined to give this an honest review and try it out .

Here’s what I like about the Dry Spray product

• The Stay Dry Deodorant would not only perform for 24-hours, but would provide protection for a whopping 48-hours!

• It did not leave me a cold and wet feeling, but dry and comfortable

• And, It left my underarms feeling soft, smooth and residue FREE!



When I first sprayed it on I just waited  for the feeling of cold and wet but was  very impressed this deodorant didn’t do that.In fact, it was just  the opposite. It was a light, fresh and dry feeling. Another thing that love is smell so great. It’s not a overpowering smell but really fresh clean smell.

How about that? it’s just like they claim. FINALLY! True advertising. I very surprise by this product  it’s now my new favorite. I will be making switch  on deodorant after using this.



Now it’s your turn to #TryDry!


Have you ever tried Spray Deodorant? What’s your thoughts? Leave me a comment below!  I would love to hear what you have to say!

Magic Reindeer Food


Christmas is near and this project is really great one to make.If you have school aged child, you’ve probably seen this before. If not,try it anyway no matter the age! This something we continue to do in my family. This great idea! The kids will love to help make this for Santa’s Reindeer.

You simply fill a baggie with uncooked oats and add some colored sugar crystals.  Some recipes call for glitter, this can harm birds or wildlife, if ingested.  This recipe is also safe, if your child happens  to taste the reindeer food. You know kids can do weird things at time.

Here’s the poem

Sprinkle on the lawn at night
The moon will make it sparkle bright
As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam
This will guide them to your home.

I used the first poem about  you can use either poem you might like

Another poem:

Be sure to take this magic food and sprinkle on the lawn, On Christmas, Santa’s reindeer travel miles before the dawn. The smell of oats and glitter path will guide them on their way And you’ll wake up to Santa’s gifts next morn on Christmas Day!

Eco-friendly  and requires no cooking with only 2 ingredients.

DIY Mini Edible Cake -Tutorial


I recently had honor by son to celebrate ours Elf Christopher birthday HERE. Yes, you heard right he wanted to have cake for Elf on the Shelf. So, because he asked i said why not, if makes him happy.

I started thinking about  what to make  elf size and it popped in my head a tiny cake.The cake was fairly easy



* Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Rolls (you can use any kind of little Debbie rolls you like).

*Small Circled Cookie Cutter (paper towel tube works good to).

*Oreo Cookies

*Mini Marshmallows



1: Unwrap the Little Debbie roll,take your cookie cutter place in center push down. Make sure to be gentle taking out so doesn’t break apart. A paper towel tube works great because cut out the mini cake.

2: Take Oreo Cookie open it  so center of cookie becomes base and place cake on cookie.

3: Take 2 or 3 (depending) Oreo Cookies and removing the cream into a bowel. The cream will be used like a fondant for cake.I recommend you wet your finger a bit so cream doesn’t stick and  it makes it easy smooth on cake better. 

4: Take handle of Mini Marshmallows make sure your hands are wet a bit  to prevent sticking. Once melted a bit you place and press lightly on cake. Add some sprinkles