Charlie Brown Shirt DIY


My son a fan Charlie Brown now. I think awesome because Charlie Brown was always favorite of mine as well. My dad when I little drew from newspaper  comics Charlie Brown picture, have since lost that drawing but whenever see Peanuts gang think of dad who has passed. A flash forward one year art class we had draw something and pick Charlie Brown and Peanuts got A on project made realize got a lot drawing skills from dad.

  We recently got for son Charlie Brown movie collection(It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown / A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving / A Charlie Brown Christmas).He even found  the last ornament in the store of Charlie Brown Christmas figurine that loves play with. So, it was  only fitting make him own  shirt. It was hit he loved it.

This such simple craft make


Fabric Makers




I stretched washed shirt over a piece of card board that was a smidge wider than his shirt  I decided to free hand it.

I started with the medium point maker and that made some nice lines  to fill in the the thick one. I had to go over the lines several times to get the color deep into the fabric

Next, I filled them in with the large maker.  Make sure any  lines  are easily fixed with the finer point maker.

I think Charlie approved..

Charlie Brown PIN 2

Source unkown.

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  1. Johannah-ALHPlace says:

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    Since Peanuts movie is coming out (Awesome!) perfect for kids own Charlie Brown shirt

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