Lego Rental

Say What? Lego Rental!

When signed up for, a Lego rental service. For a monthly fee, you can rent sets one at a time, keep them as long as you’d like, then send them back for another on your list (Pleylist). It alot like Lego  + Netflix. What a great idea for your little Lego fan to enjoy!


And when you join Pley with their Super Fan Free Trial (14 days), the first thing you do is add sets to your Pleylist. Once your Pleylist is full, your first set is sent out.

From what I hear the set doesn’t come in its original Lego packaging. It does comes in a fine mesh bag, with instruction manuals included, in a blue box. There’s is also a return address label in the bottom of the box.

       Each time you receive a set, you’re asked to report the set status–if there are any missing pieces or problems. Once done place all back mesh bag  and box with the pre-printed label, all need to do is hand the box to my mail carrier.

Give a try with their Free Trial. You’ll get to see how it works and what sets are in the program. Then you can choose to upgrade to Fan (small sets, $15/month), Super Fan (medium sets, $25/month) or Mega Fan (large sets, $39/month) subscription.

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Who Doesn’t Love Paddington Bear


I recently made custom order to favorite shop on Etsy called Dunn with Love her work is amazing (have a look) for Paddington Bear.My son became fan from new Paddington movie. Did anyone head to the theater to see the new Paddington movie?  We didn’t go but we’re excited to see it as soon as it comes to DVD in April. But for the mean time he has his very own Paddington.

Isn’t he cute!!!


When first seen him I fall in love (I can admit it) I remember reading couple of books in school.


Whether you seen the movie or not there is no denying Paddington is a hit on Pinterest  every time I’m on I see. And I come across

The Cutest Paddington Bear Crafts from LoveandMarriageBlog

these are a collection of cute crafts and desserts


Click Here you see all  Paddington crafts

Dry Erase Tracing Pages{DIY}


Here simple craft help w/ prewritting skills going for the little ones and a great thing they can keep practicing over and over w/ no wasted pages.

Practic does make PERFECT!!!

All that is NEEDED- Is laminating paper and tracing letter and or number pages from activity book.You can also do own letters/numbers yourself and print them out

I just used activity book i had and found in the store self-sealing laminating paper if your like me w/out laminating machine or don’t have pay to get it done this good. It works just as GREAT just make sure follow directions on front yo going to use self-sealing paper.

Once done(and not long to put together) you can get out dry ease markers or crayons and start getting the them tracing away!

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10 Sinful ways to jazz up you Hot Chocolate!

1. French Vanilla Hot Chocolate- add some French Vanilla creamer.

2. Black Bottom Hot Chocolate- add some thick fudge to the bottom of your cup before you add hot chocolate.

3. Salted Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate- heat up milk, PB, and chocolate mix in pan until pb is melted. pour in cup and sprinkle sea salt!

4. Nutella Hot Chocolate- mix simmering milk to nutella instead of regular chocolate powder.

5. Cinnamon Hot Chocolate- add a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg to your hot chocolate!

6. Mocha Hot Chocolate- add some instant coffee grounds!

7. Peppermint Hit Chocolate- melt peppermint patties in the milk!

8. Boozy Hot Chocolate- add some Kahlua, Bourbon, or Baileys.

9. Mint Chicolate Chip Hot Chocolate- same recipe as the peppermint. just add some green food coloring and shaved chocolate!

10. Broiled Baileys Hot Chocolate- add a dash of Baileys Irish Cream and top it with whipped cream or marshmellows. set broiler
on low and put mug underneath broiler. keep an eye on it and take out when the topping is nice and toasted. use an oven mitt to take it out.