B-I-N-G-O For OT


We have lots games in house which my son is very into playing. And i always try to get games to play that some therapy in it whether it  would be Connect 4 for (Fine Motor), Twister for (vestibular,Gross Motor and even Speech), Don’t Break The Ice( anger Management,Speech,Fine Motor,Hand Strength) & Play Doh Drill N Fill Playset (Sensory).

So,very surprise how Bingo can be wonderful as well after post HERE via YourKidsot a favorite fun sight for occupational therapy activities for kids. After reading the post I found a Alphabet Bingo game that completely forgot about off Ebay yrs ago. I am so glad I found it because we had fun playing this.

 Why BINGO fun and useful :

* Number/Letter recognition- Recognizing and naming the number or letter called

* Visual scanning-  Looking and scanning board for a matching number or letter

* Fine motor skills-encourage pincer grasp

* End point-is important for kids who benefit from clear boundaries and structured play.

 * Handwriting – include  handwriting the game writing letter or number

  * Social skills – have kids take turns to be the “caller”.  Some have difficulty losing and waiting


Download YourKidsot  FREE PRINTABLE BINGO here!


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