20 Safe Youtube Channels

If kids love Youtube then they will love kid safe YouTube channels

20 Kid Safe YouTube Channels

  1. Hallecake is a kid herself. She bakes snacks, makes geeky goodies, and invites all her friends over in these instructional videos that are fun to watch.
  2.  AllTube4Kids, is fun because with all the pranks, silliness and fun.
  3. EvanTubeHD. This is a kid who does toy reviews, plays video games and is just fun for kids to watch.
  4. HooplaKids is a great channel for your smaller kids.
  5. Check out on Playtivities!
  6.  Sesame Street has a channel, and it’s AWESOME.
  7. check out MotherGooseClub.
  8.   Baby Einstein has a whole youtube channel of videos to have your baby staring at bouncing balls and puppets all day long.
  9. Nerdy Nummies She wears cute costumes and bakes cute food.
  10. If you have a gamer kid, then Cupquake is the perfect channel to watch
  11. If kids love Minecraft, then Stampy is the channel to watch.
  12. DisneyCollectorBR is the queen.
  13. If your kids love to dance then Yo Gabba Gabba is the perfect channel
  14. SimpleKidsCrafts  The crafts are fun, easy and simple.
  15.  SevenAwesomeKids Each kid takes a day of the week and uploads that day, so there’s loads of content
  16. Jenny On The Spot is a super-goofy mom that will make your kids laugh
  17. EpicFunForKids if you have a Lego Lover, they won’t want to turn this channel off.
  18. This science loving rapper is super fun to watch.
  19.  Vlogbrothers. It’s two brothers who live in different towns and communicate with each other via their channel!
  20. VSauce. It’s crazy cool facts you didn’t even know you wanted to know!


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