Sponge Nail Art

Since I stop biting my nails I have taken up prettying my nails a lot more.


DIY nail art! Check out this amazing Sponge Nail Art tutorial to get inspired by this simple yet pretty nail design!

A lot of ladies find nail art interesting I know love to check out all tutorials video’s but some I haven’t ventured to try. I have noticed some are just  harder than others. But there is simple nail art that anyone can do. I did a  simple sponge design which anyone can do. Just follow these simple steps

1. Choose a base color. I went with Sally Hanson (Diamond Strength)  Ballet Bare/Beige Ballet. Apply 2 coats and let it dry a few minutes.

2. Using an Sponge,dab on your first,second and/or third color. I used Jamberry Morning Mist, Mulberry and Flirt . Allow for dry time.


3. After allowing some dry time apply a top coat. I used Sally Hanson (Diamond Strength)

sponging is an awesome technique to add something different to your nails and very easy to do.


I love these!

Hope you try it out!


Natural Hydration Drinks For Kids

It not just great but important  to keep kids hydrated when playing sports when water doesn’t cut it. And with some sports drinks having artificial sweeteners and other additives may not be for you.


Have you ever wanted make your own Hydrated Drinks? The recipe from Super Healthy Kids  is very easy to make

Recipe: Natural Hydration Drinks for Kids

Sassy Steals Deals—> Hurry Before They Are Gone!


Come some Sassy Steals Deals happening now.

Bow Sleeve Tops - QUICK SHIP

Bow Sleeve Tops – QUICK SHIP

Sleeveless Geo Print Tunics - 5  Colors!


Mint Double Strap Dress- Quick Ship!

 Mint Double Strap Dress- Quick Ship!

I Love You to the Moon ~ Mother's Day Necklace, Grandma or Mom

  I Love You to the Moon ~ Mother’s Day Necklace, Grandma or Mom


Shop more HERE

Laurel Denise Adjustable Leather Bracelets

I have become a fan of shop that found accident but quickly love ALOT.


It started when was on Influenster  doing an VisualVox  Ebay guide Campaign the winner would receive a $25 gift card to eBay. I was excited to learn my guides won but wasn’t sure what I get with new gift card.  If ever been ebay it tough find something or maybe it’s just me Lol.

I was lucky however when Influenster post ab in The Hub about finds on Ebay for $25 because spotted  these Adjustable Leather Bracelets by Laurel Denise these are just cutest bracelets I ever seen. I love these are simple and dainty that are perfect for layering. Pick out your favorite quote or word and designer Laurel Denise will individually laser engrave the messaging in her own handwriting! Also, part of Martha Stewart’s American Made (store which spotlights local craft makers and celebrates handmade goods). The leather bracelets come in Dark Brown, Metallic Gold, Pink

Once saw I had to have I picked Dark Brown and quotes “Do small things with great love” and “Inspire”


If your looking for handmade for Mother’s Day this make the perfect gift. She makes  Necklaces  other Bracelets,Paper and Custom

Cereal Box Notepads

#EarthDay Upcycle cereal notepads


Save those empty cereal box and craft w/ it! You know you have them laying around? Instead throwing out upcycle it and turn them in cute notepads yourself or kids. I have try this myself have a lot of those Mini cereal boxes,the ones from variety packs just being throw out.

Want make your own notepads? Infarrantly Creative will show you how and very easy.

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Celebrate National Astronomy Day and make a Solar System model

Cute #EarthDay craft to make with the kids

Crafts 'n Coffee

Last week, I shared the Recycled Earth Day globe in time for Earth day tomorrow. Today, we’re leaving earth behind and travelling into outer space to celebrate National Astronomy Day on Saturday, April 25. I get asked a lot of questions about making a Solar System. In fact, DIY Solar Systems are so popular that I’ve shared three tutorials to make a Solar System, and I’m revisiting them today in honor National Astronomy Day. And if you’re a Star Wars fan, be sure to read to the end . . .

Three tutorials to make a Solar System. CraftsnCoffee.com.

Solar System Poster

How to make a Solar System Poster using balls of STYROFOAM. Save this one for school! At some point, every student has to make a model of the Solar System.

The “Real” Solar System

How to make a Solar System using Styrofoam balls

Solar System Mobile 

One more way to make a model of the Solar System. Always good to have on file! CraftsnCoffee.com.

Star Wars Galaxy

Of course, with the new Star Wars moving coming out this summer, I would be remiss if I didn’t share another fan favorite from Mad in Crafts. Jessica and her son turned her Solar System into the Star Wars Galaxy. How cool…

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