Sponge Nail Art

Since I stop biting my nails I have taken up prettying my nails a lot more.


DIY nail art! Check out this amazing Sponge Nail Art tutorial to get inspired by this simple yet pretty nail design!

A lot of ladies find nail art interesting I know love to check out all tutorials video’s but some I haven’t ventured to try. I have noticed some are just  harder than others. But there is simple nail art that anyone can do. I did a  simple sponge design which anyone can do. Just follow these simple steps

1. Choose a base color. I went with Sally Hanson (Diamond Strength)  Ballet Bare/Beige Ballet. Apply 2 coats and let it dry a few minutes.

2. Using an Sponge,dab on your first,second and/or third color. I used Jamberry Morning Mist, Mulberry and Flirt . Allow for dry time.


3. After allowing some dry time apply a top coat. I used Sally Hanson (Diamond Strength)

sponging is an awesome technique to add something different to your nails and very easy to do.


I love these!

Hope you try it out!


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