Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

If you’ve had a baby, then most likely you have those few mementos from the hospital just lying around. How are you going to put those precious little hospital hats in a photo album? I had in drawer so time that doing something with it.

After doing Pinterest for some ideas, I found the perfect way to showcase my son’s  hospital band,hat and even a hosital photo….made an ornament with it! I truly love this idea.

This is  my very favorite ornament!  I *carefully* squished and stuffed


       What you’ll need:

*Clear plastic ornament
(got mine from Walmart)


*Hospital hat

*Hospital bracelets for baby and even parents

*Baby Photo or any other special keepsakes from the hospital

Simply take the top off the ornament and begin filling it with all your precious mementos from that special day. Arrange them how you want (this could take a while), and pop the top back on. Now, tie a ribbon around the top or even write on the outside, and voila, you have the perfect Christmas ornament to remember that very special day by.

Great way to save these keepsakes and show them off every year!