FREE Target Samples Spot: Boogie Wipes + Scotch Felt Pads Samples (If You Qualify)


FREE Target Samples: Boogie Wipes + Scotch Felt Pads Samples


Alright! New FREE Target samples have been released for Boogie Wipes AND Scotch Felt Pads! Simply head over here and click “Request Sample” then answer several short survey questions to see if you qualify for these freebies. If you qualify, your freebies by mail will arrive in 3-5 weeks.


How to Make Galaxy Nails

These nails are super easy to make. You’re gonna love them!!



         You’ll need:
a base coat, black nail polish, blue polish, purple polish, silver glitter polish, a top coat and a foundation rectangular sponge.

First apply the base coat. Let that dry.
Apply two coats of black nail polish. And make sure to let dry. Add a few drops of blue glitter polish on a piece of paper, soak it up with the sponge and dab it on the middle of your nails. Repeat the same process with a lighter color, in this case, violet. But Add it aroud the blue color. Apply a thin coat of silver glitter polish glitter, to resemble the stars. Finish with the top coat and you’re done 🙂