PRODUCT REVIEW – o.b. Pro Comfort Tampons

*As member Crowtap recieved this product free for review all opinions are my own *


I recently received three 18-count boxes of o.b. Pro Comfort Tampons and three discreet carrying cases from Crowdtap. I received this product at the most convenient time and was able to try the product!

I first opened the box, I first noticed how  small these tampons are.I had my doubts about how much protection the little things would provide me but figured let just see. After using the o.b. Pro Comfort Tampons for  last five days, I am completely shocked! Even without the applicator, they  are very easy to use.

If you’ve never used them before, the directions that are included in the box are simple to follow. Normally, in addition to tampons, I use pads to in case of leaks. I followed my usual routine of using tampons and pads, however, I did not have a  leak!  Not only are o.b Pro Comfort tampons effective at protecting against leaks, they were also very comfortable to wear.

Another  great benefit to using this product is that they are super discreet! Not only are the tampons themselves tiny, but I can fit  at least 4 in the carrying case! The case itself can easily be concealed in a pocket. It really is cute and will protect the tampons arent floating around in your purse!

The bottom line:
o.b. Pro Comfort tampons are awesome! The comfort and protection that they provide is incomparable to other brand that I have  tried. I’m a fan!

Thank you o.b and Crowdtap!


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