Graze Box Review

Received my first Graze box -how very exciting it! I will say i was impressed


If don’t  already know what Graze is- it’s a mini-snack subscription box that sends a customized selection of treats weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. They offer over 100 different snacks that you can rate online, which, over time, helps tailor your subscription to your particular snacking preferences.

Loving box detail the leaf on the outside and pumpkin detail in the inside. I also like how slim the box was and each snack in own individual package.


      What I received

Honeycomb Flapjack:
Rusted rolled oats with honeycomb & chocolate drizzle.

The Cheese Board:
Cheese cashews,Cheese croutons,& herb crackers

Billionaires Shortbread:
Belgain milk chocolate,almonds, cranberries & fudge.

Peachy Orchard:
Peach drops,rhubarb & pear

They were good  even my son munched on them. Have my favorites though  the peachy orchard and honeycomb flapjacks were absolute best. I think this is such an adorable idea and a great way to get people trying different snacks and more healthy foods.  Also, the great thing is that you can cancel at any time or push a box back a few weeks.
They also have a list of all the snacks online and you can click ‘bin’ ‘try’ ‘like’ ‘love’ or ‘send soon’ on them so that they have an idea of your favourite tastes and you can tell them what you never want to receive, or what you want to try in your next box. 

Best part you can use my code and get your first box free and your second half price too – you just need to type  LH2NCRKRP into the offer box when you sign up. 

You can visit their website here!


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