Silicone Egg Rings Review 


Who wants an easy way to make eggs that are perfect in circle shape or a scrambled egg patty like see on fast food breakfast sandwiches or perfectly shape pancake?  I know I really do. Yet, I can never get that shape when make eggs or pancakes. Enter the Silicone Egg Rings. 

About the Egg Rings

Get the perfect fried egg,can even be used for the perfect small pancake.

High temperature resistant.

Release easily,non – stick surface,safe,non-toxic.

Simple to clean,easy to pick up.

Material: Silicone

Size: 10*8.5cmNet weight:17g Suitable temperature:-40℃-230℃height: 1.8cm


When got these i wasn’t sure would they work or not. I picked 2 Orange and Blue. They arrived quick was able use next day. So, I tested them out!


I will say these are fun! They worked great. Yes, you will get egg leakage around the sides when you use them the first time. I did found an easy fix to that by making sure the pan was nice and hot,slowly pouring the egg mix in before pouring the rest in.  And For eggs over easy, just break the shell ans also pour it in slowly.
It took a bit of getting used to, but i got the hang of it.  Also, I found if your pan is not entirely flat, some of the egg will leak, so do make sure it’s a nice flat pan you are using.  Also, if you’re making an egg patty from scrambled eggs, DON’T to fill it up all the way. It’ll make a mess when you do try flip over.

These are not just for eggs either. Great for pancakes,maybe even sliders. I really have try those out. I like that they are easy to store too.You just place them in the drawer that’s it. And, clean up is great. You can use cooking spray when cooking with them or not,I didn’t use any they were fine. They are dishwasher safe and  the clean up was a real breeze.

To get a set for yourself, visit Amazon and purchase them there.