Play All Day Elmo Toy Review

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I had a chance to checkout the new IT  Play All Day Elm thanks to Playskool, Elmo has become kids best friend for years to now an interactive friend with a big imagination. This year, the toy manufacturer is kicking things up with—the best Elmo i seen yet.

The Play All Day Elmo is for ages 18 months – 4 years and retails around $59.99.  My son 8 years loved this toy. Then again, who doesn’t still love this cute guy?! This would be great toy for kids with special needs as it will help with social interactions, speech, colors and more.

Kids are going  to be wowed by this toy!  The Play All Day Elmo features 150+ responses and 8 games and activities that will  keep little ones giggling. From “Pat-a-Cake”, “Freeze Dance” and “Red Light,Green Light” with loads more. Every move is chance for some more fun with this toy. Little ones can also tickle Elmo’s belly,hold hands, give him kiss, clap hands to play games together and hear more responses. Requires AA batteries,though demo batteries are included with this.


Diggin: Wobble Deck: The Electronic Balance Board

I came across Diggin: Wobble Deck along other great toys after reading blog  InspiredTreeHouse  BEST TOYS AND PRODUCTS FOR KIDS post,you can read Here.

This was helpful because it reposted around Holiday time an give me good ideas I was at loss on what to get honestly and since my son receives OT and speech therapy I like get toys that help at home in those areas. It also be helpful on birthday gifts that I will be using again


  helps work on their balance and inner core strength makes funny sounds and games.

There are multiple modes to make playtime more challenging:

Freestyle – Make your own music to three background beats

Wobble Mania – Match colors, numbers and sounds

Wobble Match – Remember and match instructions


It’s not easy to use and kids might have to use wall or hands to hold on to.This better used outside or on hard surface but with *Adult Supervision*

The sound effects, which range from the guitar, drums, toot, crash, and bring that  kept my son laughing. And such great toy for working to stimulate the Vestibular system — the control center of the body’s balance and movement. The idea is to keep your balance while tilting in different directions to create a new noise.Wobble Deck also supports good fitness habits by integrating active time into playtime. My son enjoys the first setting: Freestyle – Make your own music to three background beats. It’s not only awesome for the vestibular but cognitive workout!

Changing modes on the Diggin: Wobble Deck:

When you change from Free-style to Wobble Mania and if you succeed you go to the next level.  If you make one mistake you do not move on.  I like this feature a lot for challenge and it will continued interest them in this game.

 Buy: HERE

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