Grilled Nutella Banana Sandwich


This ridiculously good.Every bite is gooey good. If your Nutella fan this sandwich is for you. A super easy to make! All you need is just 1 pan, 4 ingredients and on way to Nutella heaven 😊 



2 slices of bread

( can use any bread you like)

2 tbsp Nutella

2 tbsp butter

1 banana sliced


Take your bread and spread 1 tbsp on each piece.

Take your sliced banana and place it on top of bread.

You can either spread the butter on your bread or  as i did i put it directly on the pan.

Leave for about a minute  till it’s a nice golden brown, then flip.

 I like to pressed down on my bread with my spatula, I really like it when my sandwiches are flat. That’s it!


Take a bite and enjoy!!


Nutella Banana Smoothie

Hey, Nutella fans you’ll LOVE this smoothie recipe!


If never tried Nutella you are missing out on chocolate deliciousness. Seriously!  We love this on toast, as dip for fruit, pretzels and sandwich. I even use it in cookies or cupcakes or in this  wonderful Nutella Banana Smoothie
This taste so good. And it’s quick make on the go in morning or as treat. It also good way to use up the leftover bananas you have.



1⁄3 cup nutella

1 banana

1 cup yogurt

1 cup ice


Place in blender, blend, enjoy.