Review: Robitussin 12 Hour Cough Relief

* Member of Crowdtap community I received this product in exchange for honest review all opinions are my own.*

Thank you Robitussin for giving us such a good new cough syrup.This stuff is great no groggy feeling with this and it’s alcohol-free which I appreciate alot. I highly recommend this product and it’s also available in Orange. I went with Grape #TeamGrape


I was picked to be a part of the Robitussin sample mission on Crowdtap and I was sent a coupon for a free 3 oz product from Robitussin and 2 $3 off coupons. I have used Robitussin every time I get sick and have on hand,  this will really came in handy for me.


I was able to get a free box of Robitussin 12 Hour Cough Relief my Walmart had it Rollback. And even though at the time I didnt have a cold I do like stock up just in case moments. Someone will always bound to get sick that could use this. It just so happened to be my husband,he went ahead and tried a dose he said it helped him. I gave this try myself because  during this month I get annoying cough. I really loved the grape flavor.  I highly recommend this product

Disclaimer: I was given a coupon for a free bottle of Robitussin in exchange for an honest review because I’m a member of Crowdtap.